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It’s been a fun week this week and I have been enjoying embracing my:


Grandma very kindly agreed to babysit so I could go to a craft morning as part of a friend’s birthday celebrations. I was very excited about this, firstly because I love craft sessions but also because it was my very first child-free morning since Sophie arrived and as much as I adore my children, I have been in need of some ‘me’ time. It was a blissful morning with lots of tea and cakes and I got to make a very pretty cushion for Sophie (and cut out the fabric to make a matching one for Jessica).

Back home again, with both girls settling fairly easily for bedtime (nothing short of a miracle in the current heatwave), I couldn’t resist digging my sewing machine out from the junk room study and finishing off the second cushion. Back in my university days, that sewing machine was in almost constant use making costumes for various am-dram shows and despite vague intentions to make some pretty dresses for my girls, it has been gathering dust for the last three years. It felt good to be getting it out again and I was very pleased with my efforts! More details on how to make the cushion can be found here.

Craft project (1)

I’ve also been busy making a card for Jessica’s forthcoming third birthday to send off to CBeebies – fingers crossed it will make it on to the TV!


Jessica and I have also been enjoying getting creative together and making birthday and wedding cards using some of her paintings with stickers and foam shapes. It’s been great fun and the end results have been lovely.


Plus as Camp NaNoWriMo continues, I’m enjoying embracing my creative writing side and being able to write more. I had my first non-heart-related guest blog post this week for Jocelyn at the Reading Residence’s Bring Back Paper feature, sharing the idea of leaving a note of encouragement for a stranger. Thank you to Jocelyn for sharing my post on her blog.


Joining in once again with the Reading Residence on Word of the Week.

The Reading Residence

11 thoughts on “Word of the Week – Creativity

  1. I loved that post about leaving notes for strangers-such a great idea. I struggle to find space for creativity in the holidays and I can feel it, but the plus side is being with my family so I can’t complain. And i love your projects-I hope you really enjoyed spending time on them.

    1. Thank you – having family time is lovely too but nice to be able to get some moments here and there to get creative, have really been enjoying it 🙂

  2. Oh, I’m loving all of this creativity – it is flowing freely from you now! How lovely to have a little ‘me time’ and those cushions look fabulous. I do hope that the card makes it on to TV, too, and thanks again for your lovely #BringBackPaper guest post – an absolute pleasure to host you. Thanks for sharing with #WotW x

  3. Those cushions are gorgeous! Well done!
    Good luck with getting the card on Cbeebies x

  4. Those cushions are amazing! One thing I really cannot do is sew 🙂 I’m not getting much chance to be creative with the holidays taking over all my time… Hope your card makes it on to CBeebies 🙂

  5. Awww this is what I crave for! A day just to do something. I love crafts and arts and I can really do have some time to do watercolor works and just sew (repair) things in the house. YOur week was a bliss =) #wotw

  6. Those cushions are lovely! And the cards are cute too. I keep planning to seek out some creative time but haven’t managed yet. And my sewing machine is gathering dust in the loft!

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