To Thomas on your 1st birthday

Darling little Thomas,

Today is your first birthday. I can’t quite believe that you are now one and that it has been a whole year since you came into the world. My last baby. My teeny tiny boy who is no longer quite so teeny tiny. You’re on the brink of becoming a toddler – eager to explore and learning new things every day.


Thomas sitting in a highchair eating some baby snacks - "To Thomas on your 1st birthday"


What a joy it is to watch you discover new things. To see that big smile on your face when you do something for the first time. You’re now cruising around the furniture, always on the move. You love to stand on my lap and bounce up and down. I love your infectious little laugh and the way you give me kisses. You’re very selective about when you give them but Mummy is nearly always the one you choose to bestow them on.


A selfie of me and Thomas at Chessington


Hubby holding Thomas sitting inside St Giles Church, Imber


You absolutely adore your big sister and your little face lights up when you see Sophie. I wish so much that you could have known your biggest sister too. Just know always how much Jessica would have adored you; how excited she was to know we were expecting you and that you are the little brother she wanted so much. You will grow up knowing all about Jessica – she will always be part of who you are and who we are as a family. Sophie is the bridge between the two of you and when I watch how gentle she is with you and how she loves to play with you, I am reminded of how Jessica was with her and how that beautiful sibling bond is passed on.


Thomas on the sofa next to the cushion with Jessica's photo on


Thomas and Sophie on the sofa wearing matching orange T-shirts and blue shorts


Darling Thomas, you are like your biggest sister in many ways. You are a very placid and happy baby like she was and your beautiful smile reminds me of hers. You have a cheeky streak like Sophie. So far you aren’t quite such a whirlwind as she is but that may yet come! You are a very contented and cuddly little boy. I love the way you snuggle up against me and how loving you are.


Baby Thomas sitting in his swing smiling


It has been a joy to watch you learn and grow over the past year – although bittersweet too. You are my last baby and I am trying to savour all these little moments with you as much as I can, knowing that time passes by all too quickly and as much as I wish I could pause the moments or turn back time, it continues to whizz by regardless.


A smiley Thomas lying on the sofa


Thomas looking surprised with a paper napkin on his head like a knotted hanky


You were born on the hottest day of the year last year and your last day of ‘being zero’ has also been the hottest day this year. We’ll be having your first birthday party outdoors in Grandma and Grandad’s garden this weekend. I suspect that most of your birthday parties will be outdoor ones, just like Jessica’s were. Mummy has been very busy making your Thomas the Tank Engine birthday cake. Not that you’ve discovered Thomas the Tank Engine yet but it seemed an appropriate choice for a cake!


Thomas the day before his first birthday sitting and having a picnic


Happy 1st birthday darling boy. I hope that you have lots of fun opening your cards and presents (Sophie is very keen to help you with those!) and that your first birthday will be as happy as it can be.


Love you millions and billions.

Mummy xxxxxxx


Thomas sitting on the floor at Nanny's house with his legs crossed underneath him


Thomas standing up at the park and spinning a disc on the baby play equipment




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