To Thomas on starting preschool

Darling Thomas,

This week you started preschool. I still can’t quite believe you are big enough to be going to preschool. You made a friend at the gate waiting outside for your first morning and went in very happily. I didn’t even get a backwards glance as you made a beeline for the play area and started having fun. Nor did you notice me as I slipped out of the gate and headed home again. Too busy having fun and exploring your new environment. Just as it should be. I’m so glad that you went in so happily and seemed so comfortable at your new preschool.


Thomas outside the gate on his first day at preschool


At pick-up time, you wanted to run back inside and play instead of going home with Mummy! Clearly you enjoyed your first morning. Since then we’ve had another morning at preschool and you’ve been the same – very keen to go in and somewhat reluctant to go home again! Hopefully you’ll continue to be as eager to go in each morning as you have been this week. Your sisters both loved their time at this preschool and I hope that you will do too.


I wasn’t quite sure how well you’d cope with preschool, and how easily you’d adapt to going somewhere without me. Your sisters both went to lots of toddler groups and activities in the run-up to starting preschool, whereas Covid has meant that you’ve missed out on a lot of time at baby and toddler groups that you would have had. In spite of the lack of social interaction over that time, you are a sociable little boy and it was lovely to watch you making a new friend so quickly.


Your time at preschool will also be different from your sisters. They were both autumn babies so starting the term after their third birthday meant they had five terms in preschool, whereas you will only have three. Covid may also affect your preschool experience. It’s all started quite normally for now, but who knows what the coming months will bring? Not that you’ll know any different of course. This is all new and exciting to you, whatever happens, whereas for me, this is a familiar routine and one that I’m enjoying being able to do again with you.


Thomas in the garden wearing his preschool jumper


The house has certainly felt very quiet without you! While it is quite nice to be able to get on with various things without interruption, I do miss having you around too! I’ve enjoyed being able to be at home with you and have that time with you. Those days when you’re just mine are now at an end. From now on there are parts of your day that I’ll only learn about through what you and others tell me.


I’m looking forward to the updates on Tapestry and seeing the things you make and learn about at preschool. You’re a bright little boy with a love of numbers and letters. You love playing with your wooden letters and spelling out words and looking out for words that you recognise. It gives you so much delight to be able to point out words that you know (‘preschool’ being one of them!) I wonder how much more you’ll learn during your time at preschool. Arts and crafts will be less familiar for you. It’s not something we’ve done so much of at home with you. Hopefully you’ll have fun getting messy with paint and sticking and mark-making.


Darling Thomas, I hope you’ll have just as much fun at preschool as your sisters did, and that you’ll be just as excited to go in each day as you have been this week. I’m looking forward to seeing you make new friends, learn new things and to watching you grow and thrive along the way.


Love you millions and billions,

Mummy xxxxxx

12 thoughts on “To Thomas on starting preschool

  1. Aww! I can’t believe he is old enough for preschool either. It sounds like he has a great start. It did make me chuckle that he didn’t want to come home. That is a great sign. x

  2. Louise,

    Well done — you’ve clearly provided Thomas with an excellent foundation for him and his teachers to build on. And well done Thomas, for making a smooth transition to this new environment. Hopefully he will display the same skill as Jessica and Sophie when it comes to arts and crafts.
    On the basis of what you shared a little while ago, I can imagine Thomas introducing himself to his classmates as “T-H-O-M-A-S G-E-O-R-G-E”, and receiving a few blank looks. :o)

    1. Thank you. He hasn’t introduced himself by spelling out his name yet as far as I am aware, but it is lovely to see how much he is enjoying being at preschool.

  3. This is such a sweet post it touched my heart. He is so cute and it’s wonderful how happy he is go to preschool. #MMBC

  4. Ah, Thomas looks so happy 🙂

    It’s great to hear that he’s having fun and I hope you’re enjoying some time to yourself too. I remember the first day of preschool so well even though it was so long ago, it was very strange coming back to an empty house that first time!


  5. This brings back all the emotions. The letting go and missing out on their day. I’m so glad he’s enjoying it and so happy to go in. Long may it last. Fingers crossed that he can enjoy all three terms of pre-school without Covid throwing a spanner in the works. #mmbc

  6. It sounds like his intro to preschool went so well! My middle son was like that and still enjoys going to school to this day… my other two were the exact opposite so it was a relief to have one happily running off to play. I hope the rest of his year goes well too.

    1. Thank you, it does make it so much easier when they are so happy to go in, doesn’t it? My girls were both the same, thankfully.

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