Friday Focus 10/09/21 – Milestones

It’s been a week of somewhat emotional milestones. Monday would have been Jessica’s tenth birthday. It was also Thomas’s first day at preschool. Sophie was very excited that her little brother was starting preschool and I am sure Jessica would have been too. Big days like this are always harder without Jessica with us. It was a good thing that Thomas was starting preschool that day though – it gave us some proper space to give Jessica our full attention for a while and to sit with our grief.


The word 'milestones' in teal


Thomas has also achieved another little milestone with potty training this week – his first day of managing to stay dry all day (and all night too!) and we’re getting braver with venturing out more without pull-ups as he’s generally now staying dry and using the potty when he needs to. Well done Thomas!



What I’ve been grateful for this week:


Sophie making a playground with LEGO, hubby fixing velco to the corners of a picture; Jessica's dragonfly birthday cake for her 10th birthday; Thomas outside the gate on his first day of preschool. three ladybird planters in the fairy garden; Sophie and Thomas in the paddling pool with bubbles above them; Thomas playing with a soft toy spider at TinyTalk - "#365daysofgratitude 2021 - Week 36"


  • Day 246 – I am grateful for the wonderful glimpses I get into Sophie’s imagination and her creativity when she is making her own small worlds with Lego.


  • Day 247 – I am thankful that the photos in the living room now have velcro tabs in the corners and are hopefully now safe from a small boy who likes to climb on the back of the sofa and swing them to try and get a closer look!


  • Day 248 – I am grateful for Pinterest and YouTube helping me create Jessica’s birthday cake this year. Wish she could be here to have chosen the theme and be excited about her birthday tomorrow but we will bring her cake to her and remember her birthday with so much love. Miss you always sweet girl.


  • Day 249 – I am grateful that although today has been a very emotional day, it has been gentler than I thought it might be. This little boy of mine had a lovely first morning at preschool and I had space to sit and remember Jessica on her 10th birthday while he was there. I’m grateful too for everyone who has remembered my beautiful girl today, for all the love and birthday wishes sent heavenwards to her and for all the love surrounding us as we marked her birthday in our usual way with a little birthday picnic at her forever bed.


  • Day 250 – I am grateful for these little ladybirds which were a lovely surprise in the post today and will be added to our fairy garden once we decide what flowers to grow in them.


  • Day 251 – I am grateful for being able to have the paddling pool out with bubbles after school (and that our new outdoor hot tap made the paddling pool so much easier to fill!)


  • Day 252 – I am grateful to be back at TinyTalk again.



Other things that have made me smile this week:

  • A card from Jessica’s reception teacher to let us know she was thinking of Jessica and our family on her tenth birthday.


  • All the lovely photos shared by others remembering Jessica on her birthday.


A photo collage of pictures of Jessica from @tinytickers Instagram stories


  • Seeing that Jessica’s garden is still part of the preschool outdoor area.


A sign saying 'Jessica's garden' next to two fairy houses and a ladybird garden ornament


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22 thoughts on “Friday Focus 10/09/21 – Milestones

  1. Some lovely memories of Jessica there, how nice you got a card from her former teacher. Big congratulations to Thomas on the potty training and going to pre-school x

  2. That was so nice of Jessica’s former teacher to remember her and your family at this time. Sending virtual hugs as you remember her and cherish the memories that you have of her. Glad to see that there are lots to smile about too. Thankfully, in grief, we are never alone.

  3. The dragonfly theme was a good choice. Who wouldn’t love that at 10? I’m glad you had time to focus on Jessica on her 10th birthday. Lovely to see her garden is still in place at pre school and what a tremendously thoughtful teacher to remember you all. And all the people who shared their love.

    I’m smiling at the need for velcro for the photos. Well done Thomas on ditching his pull ups. That is a huge milestone. #wotw

    1. The cake this year definitely felt like it needed to be a little more grown-up than the previous ones and I think Jessica would have liked the dragonflies.

  4. Sending love and hugs.
    It sounds a big week for milestones. I hope Sophie and Thomas have settled in well at school and pre-school.
    Well done to Thomas with the potty training! He suddenly seems a little bit more grown up.
    Fab photos. Such a lovely tribute to Jessica from Tiny Tickers. x

  5. Well done to Thomas! both with his potty training and starting pre school. I love the cake 🙂 to be able to think about things and focus on Jessica’s birthday in peace (if that’s the right word) is lovely xx

  6. That’s lovely of Jessica’s old teacher to remember Jessica’s birthday. Well done Thomas on the potty training. Can’t believe he’s now started preschool.

    1. Thank you, it was so lovely that Jessica’s teacher remembered her and I think she would have loved her cake too x

  7. Sending love and hugs after an emotional week, glad that Thomas has a great first morning and that it gave you some much needed time. The cake looks great such a good choice. So nice to receive all those messages and photos from others too. xxx

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