To Thomas on his second birthday

Darling Thomas,

Today you are two. How can it possibly be two years since you made your rather unusual entrance into the world? My rainbow baby – you have brought so much sunshine into our storms, capturing my heart from the moment I laid eyes on you. What a bundle of joy (and of mischief!) you are. My beautiful baby boy.


A smiley Thomas out in the garden - "To Thomas on his second birthday"


You remind me so much of your biggest sister in so many ways. I hear echoes of Jessica in your chatter and your giggles. Like her, you have a smile that can light up a room and a sweet, sunny nature. Oh how she would have absolutely adored you. To her, you were known as Peanut. She was so very excited about the prospect of a new sibling and loved you so very much before you were born. She wanted so much for you to be a little brother and she would have been such a loving and caring big sister to you. My little Thomas, I hope you will grow up knowing that you were loved by your biggest sister even if the two of you never got to meet earth-side.


Thomas holding on to the carving of Jessica at her forever bed


You are equally loved by your other big sister and it gives me so much joy to see that beautiful bond that you and Sophie share. It is a joy that is forever tinged with a sense of sorrow for what might have been, but it is joy nonetheless. I am so very thankful that you and Sophie love each other so very much; that you are so happy in each other’s company and it is so wonderful to see you beginning to be able to play together.


Sophie and Thomas on the Scuttlebug in the garden


Thomas, you are such a happy and affectionate little boy. I love the way you will run up to me, saying “Mummy hug!” as you give me a big squeeze. You do love your cuddles, little one, and I love how snuggly you are. You are such a polite little boy too – you are adorable when you come up to me asking for “mik – please, Mummy.” You do love your “mik”. Both your sisters had stopped breastfeeding before they turned two, but you are still a little milk monster. I am treasuring this time when you still want Mummy milk – you are my last baby and these days will come to an end all too soon.


Thomas playing with PAW Patrol toys


You absolutely adore numbers and get very excited when you spot them in different places. You particularly love pointing them out on the “tick-tock”. Your number stacking cubes are your absolute favourite toy. You will happily spend ages lining up the numbers, and matching them with the number turtles or with the stacking cups. They have to be lined up just so – you like to have the sides of the cubes facing the same way. Your favourite programme is Numberblocks and you love to sing along and count. You can count to ten in French and almost to thirty in English (only thirty at the moment is twenty-ten). I love how you point to the ‘=’ sign on your wooden cubes and tell me that it is ‘11’ and how you put ‘1’ and ‘2’ together to make ‘12’.


Thomas standing in front of the TV with Numberblocks on


You can be a bit of a pickle, my love, and give me the cheekiest grin when you are full of mischief. You are a bit of a climber which makes for a fair few bumps and bruises at times. Boxes and tables are an invitation to you and you are full of determination. Neither of your sisters were quite so much into climbing as you are and I have a sneaking suspicion you will be the only one of my children to climb out of their cot. Thankfully, you haven’t quite managed it yet, but I have no doubt that it is only a matter of time!


Thomas sitting on Sophie's bed looking at a book


You are too little to understand or really be aware of these strange times that we are living in at the moment. You have been happy to have so much time with Sophie at home and to have Daddy around nearly all the time and have been quite happy in our little bubble on the whole.


Thomas sitting at the piano


Your birthday this year is a little lower-key than we would have normally gone for thanks to the restrictions over coronavirus. In normal circumstances, we would have almost certainly had a party in Grandma and Grandad’s garden, with lots of family members there and other children for you to play with. Instead, we’ll just have a little tea party out in the garden, with Grandma and Grandad popping in for the morning, and Auntie Fizz coming in the afternoon. Nanny has been here for the last few days though and you have loved having her here.


Thomas running around in the garden


Given your love of numbers, there was really only one theme to go with for your cake and I’ve had fun recreating Numberblocks 1-5 in little cube cakes and making you a big Numberblock 2 birthday cake. I know you will absolutely love it.


Thomas's Numberblocks 2 birthday cake


Darling Thomas, I hope that your birthday is full of fun and that you enjoy your special day. You are so very loved, little one, and you give me so many reasons to smile each day. Thank you for being the wonderful little boy that you are.


Love you millions and billions.

Mummy xxxx


Thomas roaring like a dinosaur in the garden

2 thoughts on “To Thomas on his second birthday

  1. Happy Birthday Thomas!
    He really does look like Jessica in that first photo.
    Thomas sounds like such a sweet boy and very clever when it comes to numbers. x

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