To Sophie on her last day at preschool

Darling Sophie,

Today is your last day at preschool. I can’t quite believe that eighteen months have passed since your very first day at preschool. It has been lovely to see how much you’ve enjoyed your time at preschool; to see you grow in confidence and to make new friends.


Sophie in her preschool cardigan ready for her last week at preschool - "To Sophie on her last day at preschool"


Preschool has definitely been a happy place for you. From the very first day, you went in with a big smile on your face. You are such a sociable little girl and have been happy playing with lots of different friends. I have loved hearing about your “best friends” and who you have been playing with each day at preschool. Some of the things that you do make me chuckle – like the way you like to swap slippers with one of your best friends so you each wear one of your own slippers and one of your friend’s ones.


I am so glad that you went to the same preschool as Jessica. Knowing that your teachers knew and loved your sister too helped so much when she died. They have been so good at making sure that you feel safe and supported; giving you cuddles when you need cuddles and being understanding when your feelings have been a little overwhelming. I especially loved seeing the garden that your teachers made in Jessica’s memory – Jessica’s garden – and you have loved spending time there when you play outside.


Sophie sitting on the bench in Jessica's garden


You have amazed me at times at how well you have coped with life after Jessica. I know that you miss her very much and I love to hear you talk about her. She would have been so proud of you finishing preschool and so excited at the prospect of you starting at her school in September. The two of you had such a beautiful bond and it was always a joy to see how happy you were to see each other after school each day.


The end of an era is such a bittersweet time but my feelings of sadness are not quite the same as they were with Jessica. The next step is not quite such an unknown one this time around. I know that you will settle in well at big school. It is not an unfamiliar environment for you. You have watched Jessica go to school and you already know some of the teachers there. I know that they will look after you and you will thrive in the school environment. They were amazing when it came to meeting Jessica’s needs and I have no doubt that they will be equally amazing when it comes to supporting you too.


Sophie in her preschool graduation robe


Darling Sophie, you make me so proud every day. You are full of sunshine, confident, affectionate and sociable. You are quick to learn and enjoy discovering new things. I know that you will take this next step in your stride as you do with so many other things. I am looking forward to watching you learn and grow along the way.


Love you millions and billions.

Mummy xxxx

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