Throwback Thursday – One Day More

Looking through my creative writing folder the other day, I came across this parody of the song ‘One Day More’ which I wrote for hubby towards the end of his PhD. It brought back a lot of memories of those days of sitting up half the night trying to get it written up and handed in – a very stressful time for both of us and it was a huge relief when it was finally finished. Hubby did get his PhD awarded several months later – the certificate arrived the day before our wedding which was perfect timing as he had always said that he wanted to wait until he got his PhD before we got married (and then proposed midway through as said PhD took a lot longer than anticipated).

One Day More - Little Hearts, Big Love

One Day More

One day more
Another day wrestling with Chemistry
Tomorrow I’ll hand in my PhD
And then perhaps a little wait;
Examiners will seal my fate
One day more

I’ve worked on this for several years
Could I still walk away with nothing?
Some of these graphs are full of flaws
Perhaps I could get away with bluffing…

One more day to work it out (should I leave this section out?)
Will I ever get this finished? (will they notice if I do?)
There’s still so much left to do (could I still get an MPhil?)
Before I can hand this in

Supervisors on the phone (asking how I’m getting on)
Wish that I had called them sooner (now I’m running out of time)
No time left to get their help (the computer’s crashed again!)
Several chapters left to do…
I think perhaps I might be screwed!

One day more!

Sanity is slowly crumbling, I can’t do this anymore
Time is slipping through my fingers, I could do with one week more!

Find the NMR, analyse the peaks
Try to tell my brain that it does not need sleep
Have I done enough? I don’t really know
Why didn’t I give up on this two years ago?

Another chapter almost finished (still have several more to do!)
Another chapter printed off (now the printer’s out of ink)
Asked my girlfriend to proof-read it (she can’t understand a word!)
Just the binding left to do
And then at last I will be through!

One day more!

I’ve hardly slept for several days
Red Bull and caffeine are my friends now

One day more!

Exhaustion’s left me in a daze
But at least I can see the end now!

Tomorrow is the judgement day
I pray that it will be okay
Please let me get this doctorate that I’ve worked so hard for

One more dawn!
One more day!
One day more!

© Louise George – 29th September 2008

Prose for Thought

18 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday – One Day More

  1. Haha, a great version of the song – I was singing along! It sounds like it was an almighty battle. I remember the dissertation from my degree being quite hard enough and that’s the teeniest tinest fraction of what a PHD must feel like. Congratulations to your husband even if it was years ago! #prose4t

    1. Thanks Maddy – it was quite tough – if I had ever been tempted to do a PhD it put me off completely! Was very proud of him for getting there though 🙂

  2. Oooh, that reminds me of my MA and I only had to write 20,000 words. Plus it was English Literature, so I could effectively make it up so long as I evidenced it! A great parody of a great a song too x

    1. Thanks Sara – no I can’t imagine doing a PhD either, watching hubby go through it was quite enough! 🙂

  3. Brilliant! You’ve captured the urgency and the self-doubt from those last few days fantastically. Congrats to (now) hubby on getting through it – it’s really hard work. x

    1. Thank you – it was definitely hard work and I wrote this to try and cheer him up as it was such a slog towards the end. So proud of him for getting there!

    1. Thank you – yes I can’t read it without mentally singing it in my head either! It certainly helped cheer him up and ease the stress a little! Lovely to link up to Prose for Thought again 🙂

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