The Friday Focus 14/08/15

We’ve started potty training this week and I have to admit it’s been driving me potty too! Our first few days have been a little challenging despite the sticker chart and taking Jessica shopping to choose her own big girl knickers. The accidents have been many and the successes few but we are gradually taking small steps forward. Whilst I have been reminding myself that potty training is a marathon and not a sprint, it has been hard not to get discouraged at times and I have had to make a real effort not to compare Jessica’s progress with others.

'Potty' - my word of the week for The Friday Focus 14/08/15 - Little Hearts, Big Love

I had my doubts at the start over whether Jessica was really ready but I was tired of feeling judged over her not being potty trained. It reminds me of just before she started walking (she was 21 months before she walked). People would ask me how old she was and raise their eyebrows when I told them she was 20 months. I could almost see the thought bubble, the unspoken question “why isn’t she walking yet?” Back then, I could make a clear connection between the time she had spent in hospital and the delay in her motor development but this is harder to see now. I have been reassured by some other heart parents though that they have also experienced late potty training so maybe this is more common in heart children.


On the plus side, we have had a couple of successful potty trips and Jessica is getting better at taking herself to the potty, even if it is often a little bit too late, so there is some progress. My doubts over her readiness are gradually easing with each small step taken. We will get there – no doubt it will take some time, but we will get there!


Things I have loved this week:

  • Blackberry picking with the girls in Grandma’s garden and making an apple and blackberry crumble together.

Blackberry picking in Grandma's garden - The Friday Focus 14/08/15 - Little Hearts, Big Love

  • Jessica putting on her first show – sitting us down in the living room at Grandma’s and announcing “Ladies and gentleman, my name is Jessica and I’m going to put on a show”. She then proceeded to sing several songs, two of which involved audience participation. I think she might have inherited the performing gene!
  • The delighted squeals of “Daddy! It’s Daddy!” from my girls when they spotted Daddy coming through arrivals at the airport and Sophie’s little happy dance.
  • Getting big hugs from Sophie and lots of giggles when I tickle her during nappy changes.
  • Enjoying some sensory play and making a small world farm in the tuff spot with oats, dried rice and rice krispies.

Small world sensory play - The Friday Focus 14/08/15 - Little Hearts, Big Love

  • Being inspired by Mister Maker to make a “sockodile” puppet with Jessica.

Making a 'sockodile' puppet - The Friday Focus 14/08/15 - Little Hearts, Big Love

  • Watching Sophie dancing and singing along to “Let It Go”
  • Early morning snuggles with my girls.
  • Being ranked 109th on the Tots100 charts – my highest ever position!

My highest ever Tots100 ranking so far - The Friday Focus 14/08/15 - Little Hearts, Big Love

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33 thoughts on “The Friday Focus 14/08/15

  1. I bet the potty training is a challenge but yes you have to do it when Jessica ready. We have tried a few times with gremlin but she’s not bothered yet!! Looks like a fab week! Well done onyour Tots and I bet you are glad to have hubby back xxx

    1. Thanks Sarah – it is lovely to have hubby back although he’s had a busy week so not seen quite as much of him as I would have liked! Potty training is gradually improving so fingers crossed! 🙂

  2. Good luck with the potty training. I remember how tough this was with my two and I hope that next week, Jessica has more successes than mishaps x

    1. Thank you Izzie, we’ve made a little more progress today so onwards and upwards! 🙂

  3. Looks like you all had fun! I look forward to connecting with you over on the linky, much love from Hookin’ Is Where The Heart Is

  4. Ahh try not to feel judged if she’s not ready, she’s not ready. My son was potty trained by 2 1/2 but it was a hard slog! You will know if she’s not ready, the signs will be clear so best not to force it. Good luck though, I didn’t enjoy potty training at all.


  5. Potty training is hard, she will get there in time. There is no right or wrong time for it, just what is right for Jessica and you.
    Looks like you’ve managed to have a good week too with lots of fun things.

  6. Ah, we started last week, too, and have stopped! My Little Man’s not ready yet, and I am ignoring people thinking that he should be as he’s three next month. We’ll try it again soon, it is hard work! Glad you’re getting there, it is a big learn for them. And well done on your Tots ranking! Thanks for sharing with #WotW x

  7. Aww! Hugs! Potty training is hard work isn’t it….I am so glad those days are behind me.
    It looks like another fun week! The sockodile” puppet is fab x

  8. Good luck with the potty training. It can be hard when you feel judged by others. One of my sons was almost 4 before he cracked it. They all get there in their own time x

    1. Thank you Louisa – it is hard not to feel judged when they get there a little later isn’t it? We’re slowly getting there so far though which is encouraging!

  9. I have just started to potty train Oliver who’s exsactly 2.5 years old, He is definitely not ready thought so I’m going to leave it a couple of months. I have been asked by a few people if he’s potty trained and my Nan is convinced he should be by now! It sounds like a lovely week though and I love your small world play, I will have to try this with Oliver he will love it 🙂
    Becky x

    1. It’s hard not to give in to that pressure isn’t it – definitely a good idea to wait a little longer if he’s not quite ready, good luck for when you try again 🙂

  10. Aw bless I understand that feeling all too well, there really is so much pressure on when to potty train then isn’t there! We’ve been doing it with Monkey too and thankfully it is going pretty well although there is still the odd accident which I think is to be expected. Good that you are making progress and I am sure you will get there! Congrats on coming 109th! ! ××

  11. Jessica putting on a show sounds so cute, and it looks like the girls had lots of fun playing on the tuff spot, they look really amazing – I might have to get Boo one of those!
    I hope potty training goes well – I don’t even want to think about it, maybe next summer as we can have nappy free days in the garden maybe!

    1. Thank you Jenni – I saw the tuff spot on lots of blog posts before I finally got one myself, would definitely recommend! Holding off until next summer for potty training Boo sounds like a good plan – she’s still little at the moment. We had some nappy free time in the garden and it was much less stressful!

  12. What a happy, happy week – yes, even the Potty Training, despite the setbacks. Potty training is a challenge but there are glimmers of hope in there, and at least it’s summer & spending time outside so slightly easier to clean up *hee hee!!*
    Fruit picking is a great thing to do with the children, we’ve been doing lots of it this summer too!
    And welcome to the world of plays, we’re often called into the playroom, lights dimmed and then introduced to the kids doing a “show” – random as they are the shows are funny and I think really build confidence. Love them and record as many as you can – they’re priceless!
    Oh and really well done with your Tots rating – well deserved

    1. Thank you Tracey – summer is definitely the best time of year to try it and we are getting there! Love that you get treated to lots of shows by the Little Shires too 🙂

  13. They all get there hun, it’s not a race and when she gets it that will be it. You are right not to compare, it is so easy to let what others are doing bother you x

  14. I had started potty training my son late. I haev tried earlier but nothing works so I gave up and decided to start some other time. He is already in preschool. Then one term time I just started to start again we did it!

    Congrats with the tots score =) #wotw

    1. Glad that the potty training worked well the second time. We are gradually getting there! 🙂

  15. What a beautiful post; thanks for sharing.

    Your first 2 paragraphs touched me in so many ways; really, thanks for writing that. Each child develops at their own pace; growing is definitely not a marathon. So man aspects of motherhood is touched by so much pressure from within and outside; my word!

    ‘Daddy, daddy’ shouts are so lovely, aren’t they. And the world farm, love the organised fun chaos going there – I’d like to try. The sockodile is also fab, I’d like to try that too.

    All the best on the potty training road 🙂

    1. Thank you – it is hard to resist that outside pressure sometimes but always good to stop and remember that each child develops at their own pace.

  16. Ah well done be on your tots score, that is awesome!! Forget anyone who judges you, she will get there in her own time. Thanks for sharing in #HappyDaysLinky x

    1. Thanks Katy – it was a little lower when the official scores came out but still really happy with it 🙂

  17. Drives me NUTS judge parents about children’s milestones. Trunk out!!

    Well done with the potty training, keep at it and your persistence will pay off. 🙂

    I am desperate to go blackberry picking but ours aren’t um, black, yet?!


    1. Thanks Jenna – we are getting there now! Hope you get to go blackberry picking soon 🙂

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