The first snow of the year

I still remember the excitement of the first snow of the year as a child. Would it settle? How long would it last? Would we get any more? Sometimes that first snow was the only snow of the year. Some years we didn’t get any at all. One thing was sure – you had to make the most of it while it lasted!


Sophie in her red puddlesuit next to a snowman - "The first snow of the year"


The snow started to fall just as Sophie came out of school, much to her excitement. I was sure it wouldn’t settle. It was too wet, I said. But it was still fun for her to come home in it, to see the snowflakes landing on her coat and hat; to try and catch them on her tongue. By the time we got indoors it had stopped.


By bedtime, I’d forgotten about the snow. Thomas was having a nap, Sophie was in her pyjamas tidying away the toys and I was scrolling through social media when I spotted a snowy pic posted by a friend who lived locally. A peek through the curtains confirmed it. We had snow! Yes, it was bedtime, but it might all be gone by the morning. Sophie threw on a cardigan and socks, got into her puddlesuit, hat, gloves and wellies and we headed out to the garden, keeping an ear open for Thomas, ready to come back in if he woke up.


It was dark but the light from the open kitchen door was enough to see by. Sophie started off by making some snow angels. It reminded me so much of Jessica doing the same last year.


Sophie making snow angels


We had fun rolling up some big snowballs to make a snowman with a carrot nose and blue button eyes.


Sophie rolling up the snow to make big snowballs


Sophie making a snowman with blue button eyes and a carrot nose


Sliding down the snow-covered slide was fun too.


Sophie sliding down her snow-covered slide


The snowman became the target for a few snowballs. It made me feel so sad that there weren’t two little girls out in the snow together to have a snowball fight with each other. I did have a brief snowball fight with Sophie, but I don’t think it was as much fun as it would have been with her sister.


Sophie throwing snowballs at her snowman


Sophie wanted to make a second snowman. We had just enough time to make a baby one, wearing a hat that Thomas had outgrown, before he woke up and we had to come back in.


Sophie with her baby snowman


Sophie was very happy to see the snow was still there in the morning when she woke up. It was a good motivator for her to have breakfast and get dressed quickly so she would have some time to play in it before school!


Sophie, Daddy and Thomas next to Sophie's snowman


This time, Thomas came out too, for his first experience of snow. He didn’t seem too sure about the cold white wet stuff but didn’t mind too much about having a snow angel photo with Sophie.


Sophie and Thomas making snow angels


The girls both enjoyed snow painting last year. We had just enough time before school to do a little bit of snow painting on the front lawn.


Sophie doing some snow painting with bottles of coloured water


Once Sophie was at school, I headed over to GreenAcres to visit Jessica’s forever bed. It was like stepping into Narnia. The woods looked so magical in the snow.


GreenAcres in the snow


I spotted a few animal prints in the snow – fox paw prints, rabbit tracks and deer hoof prints. We suspect the deer which wander around the park enjoy eating Jessica’s flowers. I often find just the bare stems in the vase when I bring fresh ones!


Rabbit prints in the snow


Her forever bed is such a beautiful spot. I wish we didn’t have somewhere like this to go, but as we do, I am glad that we found such a beautiful and peaceful place to lay our beautiful girl to rest in. It makes it a little more pleasant to visit.


Thomas in his buggy next to Jessica's forever bed in the snow


I like to spend time talking to Jessica when I visit her. I tell her I love her, how much I miss her, sing to her and talk about what we have been doing since I last visited her. This time, it felt right to read the poem that her godmother read at her burial. It starts with the words, “under a blanket of fallen leaves, safe in the hush of the whispering trees, I have come home.” With “snow” substituted for “leaves”, it felt so very appropriate.


A bench near Jessica's forever bed in the snow


The snow was already disappearing as I left GreenAcres. By the time Sophie got home from school that afternoon, it was gone, leaving just the two snowmen in the garden to slowly melt away over the next couple of days.


A snow-covered bridge at GreenAcres


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10 thoughts on “The first snow of the year

  1. Oh Louise, you’re the best kind of mummy letting Sophie go outside and play in the snow even though it was bedtime. I bet she was delighted! How nice that Jessica’s forever bed is somewhere so beautiful and that the deer enjoy munching your flowers.

    1. Thank you Nat, what a lovely thing to say. I couldn’t resist the opportunity to have fun in the snow – I wasn’t sure if it would have melted away by morning! Jessica’s forever bed is certainly a beautiful spot and the deer certainly enjoy the flowers we leave there!

  2. Ahh! You do right making the most of the snow while you have it. We had a light dusting a couple of weeks ago but nothing since! It looks like Sophie had a fab time!
    You really did choose the perfect spot for Jessica’s forever bed. It is so beautiful in all of the seasons x

    1. We don’t often have snow so definitely have to make the most of it while it’s there. Jessica’s forever bed is such a beautiful spot and changes so much with the seasons x

  3. Wow, you certainly got a lot of fun out of that first snowfall! We too sneeked out late in the evening when I saw it was snowing, but we didn’t stay out for long as it was really way past bedtime, and I thought the snow would still be there the following morning. Sadly for Penguin, it wasn’t (I don’t mind really myself, I grew up in Sweden and have probably had enough snowy days to last me for life, lol), but I suspect there might be another chance or two for some snow play before spring properly takes over. Until then, we make do with homemade play snow indoors, cutting snowflakes, making “iceberg slush” etc to get a somewhat wintery feel xx #CountryKids

  4. I love this post on so many levels – I still get excited at the first snow, aged 45, though we actually stayed in hibernation this weekend and watched it from the house. V unusual for us. I LOVE that you took Sophie out in the dark despite it being bedtime. Making memories to treasure forever, and I love the snow angel pic of them both the next day. I imagine Thomas was a little bemused! I also love that poem – could you tell me the name and author please. My best friend had a woodland burial and I’d love a copy. I’m sure Jessica loves your visits though I bet she’s around you everywhere too, even riding the deer that made those tracks!! #CountryKids

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