34 thoughts on “My Sunday Photo – 17/04/16

  1. Ladybirds are such fascinating insects, aren’t they? It’s always interesting to see how their pattern of spots is never the same.

  2. Oh my lady birds already spring is muddled up this year, 1 minute I’m looking at snow pictures and now ladybirds! What a lovely capture.

  3. What a lovely photo! Well captured. It is very sharp and focus and well contrast of the bright ladybirds and the brown leaf. Very nice! 🙂 #MySundayPhoto

  4. Hi Louise, that is a beautiful closeup photo. I love the colours, the green, the red and the brown make it quite eye catching.


  5. This photo caught my attention straight away! Amazing shot! Love the red against the brown leaf – very striking and such great detail! #MySundayPhoto xx

  6. What a lovely photo, the ladybirds really pop out!!
    Rupert has just discovered ladybirds and whenever he sees one he’s always trying to pick them up.

  7. What a great capture of detail, the ladybirds are lovely and great to see two together. What’s caught my eye is the detailing on the leaf, loving all the “veins” #MySundayPhoto

  8. Ah I love ladybirds, we had one living in the kitchen window earlier this week. Lovely colours.x #MySundayPhoto

  9. When I was little I always thought the spots meant how old they were ha!

    Brilliant photo! You know spring is truly here when you see Ladybirds… now we just need to stop having random bursts of snow!

    Laura x x x

  10. Great close up. There’s been so many ladybirds around the last couple of weeks here. I was only taking photos today

  11. I love ladybugs they’re so colourful and vibrant, and they say to me that Spring is here.
    However I found out this week that Little Mister is terrified of these mini beasts!

  12. Love how clear this photo is – and I’ve always had a bit of a fascination with insects…I think it begins when we’re young! #mysundayphoto

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