This week’s Prose for Thought poem is for my baby girl who will be celebrating her first birthday on Monday:

Little one snuggled up so nice and warm
Can it really be a year since the day you were born?
That newborn baby has gone forever
She’s now a little girl – so big, so clever
With wobbly steps and a smile so bright
Exploring the world, full of delight
Giving sloppy kisses and sticky pats
“Mum-mum”, “da-da” – love to hear her chat
Always on the go, following big sister about
Grabbing at the toys which causes Jessica to shout!
Making mess at dinnertime, food is everywhere
All round Sophie’s face and even in her hair
At bedtime she still wants to have sleepy baby cuddles
And I enjoy those moments of precious bedtime snuggles
How can it be my baby girl is now turning one?
Happy birthday Sophie, my little bundle of fun.

© Louise George – 23rd October 2014

To Sophie

Prose for Thought
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18 thoughts on “To Sophie

  1. What a lovely poem! It’ll be so lovely for her to read this when she’s older. Happy Birthday little one!

    1. Thanks Sara – yes, it is quite a milestone, feels like it has come around very quickly though! 🙂

  2. What a perfect poem for her 1st birthday. Definitely something for her to treasure as she gets older. Happy Birthday sweetheart xx #prose4t

  3. What a wonderful poem! You’ve perfectly captured that joy at seeing your little one grow up mixed with the slight sadness that they’ll never be that tiny newborn again.

  4. Aww, Louise this is so gorgeous. A lovely way to celebrate your daughters first birthday. Wishing her a Happy Birthday for Monday. They grow so very fast in the first year. Thank you for linking to Prose for Thought and PoCoLo 🙂 x

    1. Thanks Victoria – had her birthday party today which was lovely. This year has gone by so very fast. Lovely to link up with Prose for Thought and PoCoLo x

  5. Lovely present for your baby girl. Happy birthday, Sophie! The picture is so cute too. x

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