Sophie sees snow

Sophie sees snow - Little Hearts, Big LoveI have to confess I’ve been a little envious of all the snowy photos I’ve been seeing across social media in recent weeks. We hadn’t had any snow here so I was very excited to see a light dusting across the lawn when I opened my curtains this morning.

The girls didn’t quite share my enthusiasm – they looked out at the garden and then wandered off to play with their toys, looking at me like I was slightly deranged as I rushed around the house singing “Do you wanna build a snowman?” whilst trying to them fed and dressed as quickly as possible so we could go out and play before it all melted away.

Sophie sees snow - Little Hearts, Big Love

Despite having never seen snow before, Sophie seemed fairly nonplussed about the cold white stuff out in the garden and was more interested in opening and closing the windows of the playhouse and playing peekaboo. Jessica on the other hand wanted to build a “Snowtubby” (she’s a little obsessed with Teletubbies at the moment) and was discovering that going down a snow-covered slide was a lot of fun as it made the slide much more slippery. Sadly there wasn’t really enough snow to attempt to build a Snowtubby but there was at least enough to have fun picking it up and throwing it in the air.

Sophie sees snow - Little Hearts, Big Love

We all enjoyed our walk to toddler group in the snow. Sophie’s only done the walk there a couple of times (she usually gets carried in the Tula) and it was lovely to see both the girls running around together having fun outdoors. Sadly the snow had all melted away by the time we left toddler group and headed home again but it was fun while it lasted!

Sophie sees snow - Little Hearts, Big Love

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36 thoughts on “Sophie sees snow

  1. They look very happy to be out in the snow. I must admit I have been quite jealous of everyone else pictures of snow too, we’ve only had a light dusting. Lovely to see your girls enjoying it.
    Thanks for sharing #LetKidsBeKids

  2. It’s lovely when they get that first chance to play in it, isn’t it! I remember watching the wee girl last year (she was only 9mo’s the previous year) and it was so fun seeing her discover snow and ice 🙂

    1. It is lovely to watch them out in it for the first time – just a shame there wasn’t very much and it melted so soon! Still hoping for a little more though! 🙂

  3. I love the first time they see snow! My Sophie now says its like Christmas and all sparkly when we get snow!

  4. Aw, love them in their snowsuits. So funny that they weren’t that fussed about it. It’s all N goes on a bout, and we’ve had about the same amount as you guys.

    1. They enjoyed it once out in it but weren’t bothered at all when it melted. Maybe they’ll be more excited if we have a bit more! 🙂

  5. How funny you can never second guess the reaction of children, though I must say Jessica looks like she is really enjoying her play time there. I think we had about as much as you, huge flakes that fell late afternoon and gone by morning, at least both our children can now say they saw some snow! Well done grabbing the camera and thank you for sharing on Country Kids.

    1. Am glad that we at least had some snow and they got to enjoy playing in it. Lovely to link up to Country Kids again 🙂

  6. Aww even a dusting is still SNOW!! My youngest isn’t a fan of snow either, my eldest absolutely loves it though… Would have loved to see a snowtubby though if you do get more this winter. 🙂 Little Sophie is doing so well now walking to toddler group.

  7. Aww bless them they look so excited even with the small amount you had. We had tonnes and I would have gladly posted it all to you if it were possible 🙂

  8. Snowtubby! I love it! How cute is that?! We had a little snow here too, but all melted after a few hours. Mine are now at the age where they get super excited about it but then the disappointment when it melts is even greater! Cute pics x

    1. Thank you – shame it didn’t last long. Hopefully we’ll get another chance to build a Snowtubby! 🙂

  9. Oh that’s so cute how they discover snow for the first time and their reactions, isn’t it? ! Like you we haven’t had much snow so when we do it’s exciting to get out and enjoy it before it goes. I love the fact that Jessica loved the snow because it made the slide more slippy – forget about building a snowman, mummy!!

    1. I’d never thought about it making the slide more fun – was lovely to see them enjoying it 🙂

  10. Aaah — it’s so lovely watching them experience something for the first time isn’t it?! My boys saw snow for the first time last weekend! At 22 months, they are just big enough to really take an interest in it — although like Sophie, I’m not sure what they really made of it!! What a lovely ‘first’ for our littlies to experience! #country kids

    1. Thank you – we only had a little bit and it was gone quickly but was fun to get out in it while we could

    1. Thank you – still hoping we’ll get a little more snow before the winter is over! 🙂

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