Siblings – September 2016

This month has seen the biggest change in my little duo’s siblings journey since Sophie first arrived.  Jessica started big school at the beginning of last week and has been on full days from the word go, which means this is the first time she and Sophie have been separated for large chunks of each day.  It’s felt very strange not having both my little girls around during the day and Sophie has definitely been missing her big sister.  She’s not quite known what to do with herself during the day and has been needing a lot of extra mummy cuddles.

Jessica in her school uniform and Sophie in an orange dress holding hands in front of the roses in the garden - Siblings: September 2016

What is lovely though is when we get to school pick-up time – the joy on both my girls’ faces at being reunited again, the way Sophie runs to the classroom door shouting “Jekka, Jekka! Ah, I luz you Jekka!” and giving her sister the biggest cuddle as soon as Jessica appears is one of the best moments of my day.  These little girls of mine have so much love for each other and it is so beautiful to watch.


At night now, they both want to cuddle up together and sleep in the same bed.  It’s like they’re trying to make up for that lost time in the day by trying to make sure they stay together at night.  It doesn’t always make for an easy bedtime – Sophie tends to fidget a lot and Jessica sometimes gets a bit grumpy because she’s trying to sleep but any suggestion that they sleep in their own beds (which are right next to each other anyway!) is firmly refused!

Jessica in her school uniform and Sophie in an orange dress holding hands in front of the roses in the garden - Siblings: September 2016


Jessica (5 years 0 months)

  • Seems to have grown up a lot over the summer and has suddenly become a lot more confident.
  • Celebrated her fifth birthday the day after starting school and was very excited to have a birthday at school. Her teacher made me laugh when she told me how Jessica curtseyed after everyone sang Happy Birthday to her.
  • Had a check-up with the paediatrician and is now gaining weight which is a big relief.
  • Got awarded WOW of the week in her first week of school for trying very hard with everything – very proud mummy moment.
  • Is enjoying being back at Girls’ Brigade although found it very tiring after having a long week at school.

 Jessica in her Girls' Brigade uniform and Sophie in a white top and pink spotty skirt with her hands clasped together

Sophie (2 years 10 months)

  • Has decided that she no longer wants to sit in her booster seat and now sits in a proper chair “like a big girl.”
  • Has become very reluctant to hold Mummy’s hand when out for a walk (sob!) although will often be happy to hold Jessica’s instead.
  • Loves to be “Baby Sophie” after her bath and have Mummy carry her like a baby into the bedroom.
  • Can sleep in the strangest of positions – we had some very funny ones on the train while travelling from Land’s End to John O’Groats
  • Can be a bit of a pickle for putting toys in her mouth and swallowed a button the other week without us realising – the first we knew of it was when it appeared in her nappy. I was quite shaken up by it thinking of what could have happened but thankfully she seemed none the worse for it. Have been keeping a much closer eye on what she tries to eat and hoping that we can break the habit of her putting toys in her mouth soon.



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20 thoughts on “Siblings – September 2016

  1. Oh bless them, my two are just the same, really missing each other already. And this time next year we’ll be applying for schools again. Eek! It’s funny my two love pretending to be a baby after a bath too, funny little things.

    1. It’s funny how they like to pretend to be a baby again – I quite like it although it does make me miss those days when they really were babies 🙂

  2. Aww such a lovely post. I love how they clearly adore each other, it sounds like they have such a wonderful relationship and they are really close. Haha, to them trying to share a bed! :- ) My two keep trying to be allowed this too and it is a firm NO from me. They are in bunk-beds anyway!

    1. I have to admit it’s much easier when they don’t ask to share – all the wriggling about means bedtime takes that bit longer! 🙂

  3. Loving the curtseying! So sweet that Sophie runs up to the classroom each night, too. It does take some getting used to, and it sounds like they’re making up for lost time at night-times! x

    1. It is lovely to see how excited Sophie is at pick-up time – they are always so happy to see each other again 🙂

  4. Ah gorgeous photos. I love that one of Sophie looking up at Jessica, you can see the love. Holly is really missing Alice too and I think its going to take her a while to get used to not having her around. Alice would love them to be in the same room. x

  5. We’ve found exactly the same- much closer for spending time apart. It has come as a refreshing change to the arguments over the holidays haha! Love the photo in the garden, so cute holding hands x #siblingsproject

    1. Thanks Katy – glad to hear that your girls are closer for spending that time apart too 🙂

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