Siblings – September

The passage of time always seems so much more apparent in September than in any other month. Jessica’s birthday, a new term starting at preschool, the sadness that comes with the end of summer. Having my two girls at home with me all day, every day, during the summer has been so beautiful. Their bond just keeps growing closer and it is so wonderful to see how much love they have for each other. We now have a ritual at bedtime where the girls chip in with their little thank yous during bedtime prayers – Mummy, Daddy and each other are the most popular ones, followed by some more random ones – googly eyes, Bing Bunny, potties etc. – before both say “Amen”. Then they have to have big kisses and cuddles and say “I love you” to each other. It’s one of the most beautiful moments of my day and certainly one in which I feel so very blessed to have them both.

Siblings: September - Little Hearts, Big Love

We have enjoyed being able to go back to Legoland again as our preschool pass is not valid during school holidays and weekends. The girls have been very excited to go back to their “favourite Legoland ever!” (as Jessica puts it) and this month’s photos are from our most recent day out there.

Siblings: September - Little Hearts, Big Love

Jessica (4 years 0 months)

  • Celebrated her 4th birthday with a teddy bears picnic birthday party and was very excited to see her birthday card on CBeebies.
  • Loves walking to preschool holding hands with her best friend E.
  • Has done so well with her potty training – we have managed long days out and about without any accidents and are now getting regular dry days.
  • Is suddenly wanting to be very independent – “I can do it myself, Mummy!” has been heard a lot lately!
  • Has been using sign language more and has started putting signs together to make words – for example, when eating hot dogs at lunchtime last week she signed “hot” and “dog” – “Look Mummy – ‘hot’ ‘dog’ – you sign ‘hot dog.’” I have no idea if this is actually the correct sign language for ‘hot dog’ but I was quite impressed by Jessica putting the two signs together.

Siblings: September - Little Hearts, Big Love

Sophie (1 year 10 months)

  • Gets very concerned if Jessica is upset about something “Oh no! Jess-sha, what happened? What happened, Jess-sha?”
  • Enjoys doing wooden peg puzzles and announcing “ta-da” with her arms outstretched when she finishes them. She also holds up each piece to ask “what name?” (what is it?) as she slots them in and if she can’t make it fit, she will look confused, hold the piece up and say “Huh? Not working!”
  • Can count to 13, is starting to recognise written numbers and can count backwards from 7 too.
  • Has gone from always wanting Mummy for everything to starting to occasionally ask for Daddy instead.
  • Has become very adventurous particularly with climbing and gave Mummy a bit of a fright by managing to climb up a big climbing frame and try to make her way across a wobbly bridge (with open sides) while I was pushing Jessica on the swing on the other side of the park. I haven’t run so fast in a very long time!

Siblings: September - Little Hearts, Big Love


dear beautiful
Little Hearts, Big Love

24 thoughts on “Siblings – September

  1. ‘Has gone from always wanting Mummy for everything to starting to occasionally ask for Daddy instead.’

    Oh! How I can relate to this. Considering I’m the work at home Dad, the boys are renown for walking past me to go and ask their Mum something. And to be fair, it annoys us both.

    Why do kids do it, or is it just ours?

    Thanks for hosting #ftmob

  2. Lovely update – I hope Jess-sha is enjoying her time at pre-school and Sophie isn’t missing her too much!
    x Alice

  3. Aww what sweet sisters! Very impressed that Sophie can count back from 7! & I’m with Jessica – I would sign hot dog using ‘hot’ and ‘dog’ too! #ftmob

    1. Thanks Jocelyn – it is scary when they climb things isn’t it. As much as I’m proud of Sophie for being able to do so, it does also terrify me too! 🙂

    1. Thank you – I can’t resist putting them in matching outfits every so often, especially while I can still get away with it! 🙂

  4. Oh wow well done Sophie (I think!!) and yay for lovely days at Legoland, we went for the first time in July and our girls absolutely loved it!

    1. Thank you Carie, glad your girls enjoyed your day at Legoland in July too – it’s one of our favourite places to visit 🙂

    1. Thanks Sara, it is lovely to see them getting closer and closer. Sophie’s adjusting well and getting used to Jess-sha being back at preschool now, nice to have that one to one time too 🙂

  5. Lovely photos and their matching outfits are so cute. It’s so nice that they have a close bond and Sophie’s counting is so good!

  6. > ask for Daddy instead … “Huh? Not working!”

    Are these two things related?!

    (If they are, Sophie will soon become good at checking whether the 48v power supply really should be plugged into the 12v switch…)

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