Siblings – October

With the end of September and the beginning of October being most sunny and fairly warm, we’ve been taking advantage and enjoying days out – mostly at Legoland, making the most of the preschool passes before the park closes for the season, but also exploring new places too. This month’s photos were taken on our trip to Petersfield Physic Garden on a recent visit to Nanny’s house.Siblings (October) - Little Hearts, Big Love


This month the girls have become much better at taking turns to do things. I notice it most at bedtime with choosing our Bible story – Jessica, in particular will remember whether it is her turn or Sophie’s turn to choose and will remind me. Sophie, I think, would just happily take her turn most nights but is good at accepting it when I remind her that it is Jessica’s turn. Sitting and reading stories together is one of my favourite things – having a little girl cuddled up on each side and enjoying a good book together.

Siblings (October) - Little Hearts, Big Love

Jessica (4 years 1 month)

  • Loved having a couple of pirate-themed days at preschool and doing some pirate crafts for this.
  • Has become very excited about birthdays and has been asking “how many sleeps until Sophie’s birthday?” for weeks. We’ve had a lot of countdowns in numbers of sleeps for various things lately – including “how many sleeps until I go back to preschool” and of course “how many sleeps until Christmas”
  • Has seemed a little more tired this month and has asked to ride in the buggy a few times when out and about – as all was well with her latest community nurse check-up, we are hoping it is just due to re-adjusting to being back at preschool.
  • Is now completely toilet-trained in the day and is often dry at night too.
  • Wakes in the morning ready for adventures and her first question is nearly always “Where are we going today, Mummy?”
  • Has decided that she is too big for her booster seat and wants to sit in a big chair now.

Siblings (October) - Little Hearts, Big Love

Sophie (1 year 11 months)

  • Getting very good at recognising and identifying different colours although the default option if unsure seems to be “burble” (purple).
  • Loves to point to and identify parts of the body – especially the face: “eyes”, “nose,” “hair!” (eyebrows)
  • Loves dancing and has a different dance for each of the CBeebies theme tunes that she dances along too. She also loved watching Strictly and trying to copy some of the moves.
  • Loves collecting autumn leaves when out and about – “look, Mummy – lea, lea!”
  • Has shifted her nap time and will often nap whilst Jessica is at preschool which is great for Mummy having some time for herself but means we have been missing a couple of our regular baby groups and that one-to-one time together too.
  • Has moved up into the next size of clothes and is now wearing Jessica’s half of the very first matching outfits that they had. It’s been bringing back a lot of memories of when Sophie was a newborn and I still can’t quite believe that she will be two in a couple of weeks’ time.

Siblings (October) - Little Hearts, Big LoveSiblings (October) - Little Hearts, Big Love

dear beautiful
Little Hearts, Big Love


21 thoughts on “Siblings – October

  1. Oh it’s a little bit heart breaking when the younger one fits into the older one’s matching clothes isn’t it! What’s even worse if when they out grow it too… Very cute photos anti sounds like the girls are changing every day! Becky x ‬#ftmob‬‬‬‬‬‬‬

    1. It did make me feel emotional to see those outfits again – am not looking forward to them being outgrown!

    1. Thanks Laura – I keep meaning to do it and then forgetting to take photos when she’s in those clothes! 🙂

  2. They’re so cute! Sweet that they are learning to take turns. Impressed Sophie can do her colours – Toddler is still rubbish! Weirdly, she does seem to know the main colours when she wants to, but always says the wrong colour if you actually ask her what colour something is! Pirate crafts sound like lots of fun, & glad Jessica is always ready for her next adventure like any good pirate should be! #ftmob

    1. I was impressed too as Jessica didn’t get to grips with colours until much later. Sophie doesn’t always get it right but she’s definitely getting there. The pirate crafts were great fun – we really enjoyed them 🙂

  3. How precious! I think the sibling relationship (if fostered correctly by the parents) is one of the most special relationships a person will ever have. Sure, they will fight, but the bond is forever. Your post made me smile and your girls are soooooo cute! #ftmob

  4. Oh what gorgeous pictures – that’s a beautiful garden. And oh isn’t it a bittersweet moment when the littlest wears the big girl’s half of the matching outfits – it’s incredible how fast the years go past!

    1. Thanks Carie – it certainly is a little bittersweet to see those outfits again, think I will be quite sad when we come to pack them away for a second time!

  5. Lovely photos this month, and it sounds like they are both doing so well. I have that same moment whenever my 6yo starts to wear his big brothers ‘matching’ clothes 🙂 #siblings

  6. I am so jelous of your legoland passes, I wish we lived near exciting attractions like legoland.

    I think it’s great that Jessica will ask for a ride in the buggy though, like she knows when she needs a rest and doesn’t push herself too far – I hope Martha is the same when she is older. My brother is naughty and at 24 will sometimes get a bit too competitive which worries me silly (he has cardiomyopathy) Jessica continues to be my little inspiration, she’s amazing xxx

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