Siblings – November

Since last month’s siblings post, Sophie has turned one and has become quite confident with walking.  There has definitely been a bit of shift with how my little girls interact with each other now that Sophie has become so mobile. There have been more moments where the girls play together and Sophie will often follow Jessica about and try and copy her big sister.
Sophie’s birthday was quite interesting as Jessica is now aware of the concept of opening presents – only this time, the presents weren’t for her! Sophie did get to pull the wrapping paper off some of her presents herself, but Jessica certainly enjoyed helping her! Trying then to explain to Jessica that the toys were Sophie’s toys became a bit of a challenge – Sophie wanted to play with the toys but sometimes Jessica would try and take them away and we had to try and explain that the toys were Sophie’s and Sophie was letting Jessica play with them, not the other way around!

Siblings Nov (01)

This month’s photos were taken on Sophie’s birthday when we were out and about in the park. Both girls enjoyed being outdoors and there were some lovely moments when they were happy to lie on the spider swing together and just enjoy some outdoor play time.

Country Kids 01-11-14 (05)

At our toddler signing class last week, I also had the first experience of having a little one walking either side of me and holding my hand during the walking about part of the session. Admittedly this made signing impossible but it was a lovely little milestone moment.

My final photo of the month was taken a couple of days ago with my phone so the quality isn’t great, but it captured a lovely moment where Jessica just went up to her little sister and gave her a big cuddle.

Siblings Nov (02)

dear beautiful

10 thoughts on “Siblings – November

  1. Ah, love the spontaneous cuddle! They both look so happy together there, too. It does make the relationship dynamics work a little differently once the younger one starts walking – fun times ahead! x

    1. Thank you – I love that photo too! Definitely interesting to see how the dynamics are starting to shift now that Sophie is on the move but it is lovely to be able to walk holding hands with a little one on each side 🙂

  2. The cuddle shot is so lovely! Sounds like you will have more and more of these moments of them together

  3. Love the cuddle photo. Yes presents and birthdays are going to be fun in the future! I hope she took it well in the end x

    1. Thank you – yes, Jessica eventually understood that they weren’t hers to open but as Sophie was so happy to let her big sister help it was all good! 🙂

  4. Oh those are all such lovely moments; and yay for both of them walking – I love the feeling of walking along with a little girl in each hand, especially if I’ve got Pip in the sling as well, it feels so very complete!

    1. Thank you – walking along with a little one holding each hand and a baby in a sling sounds utterly blissful to me 🙂

  5. My littlest getting up on her feet and walking was definitely a turning point for my two as well, it was like they became more equal in their play practically overnight and they became a lot more interested in one another in general. Your two look like the best sisters, so cute. x

    1. Thank you – it’s definitely seen a shift in the sibling dynamics here – I agree with you about them seeming to become more equal in their play. Lovely to link up with Siblings each month – it’s such a lovely way to record those moments.

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