Siblings – November 2015

As the weather gets colder, our favourite places start closing for the winter and so we made sure we enjoyed some last days out before they did – spending a day at Legoland with the girls’ friends H and E, and enjoying an autumn walk at Chiltern Open Air Museum where this month’s photos are taken.


Jessica and Sophie at Chiltern Open Air Museum - "Siblings - November"

Out in the open air is where I see their sibling bond at its best. There is less of the bickering that takes place when the girls are cooped up inside together. Outside they are free to run about, to explore and play. They can have their own space when they want it and then come back together to make discoveries. Jessica will often run ahead to look at something and then run back to grab her little sister’s hand. Watching the two of them running through leaves, hand in hand or jumping in muddy puddles fills me with so much joy. These are the moments when they are at their happiest together, full of the pure joy of just being alive and seeing all the little wonders of the world around them. What a wonderful blessing it is to be able to see the world through my children’s eyes and see all the beauty that is all around.


Jessica and Sophie sitting on some wooden blocks at Chiltern Open Air Museum

Jessica (4 years 2 months)

  • Has suddenly become much more independent and tells us a dozen times a day “I can do it myself. I’m a grown up!”
  • Made us very proud at her preschool parents’ evening when we were told that she is doing everything she should be doing at her age and is happy and sociable.
  • Had her last heart check-up with her wonderful cardiac consultant who has been there since the day her heart condition was diagnosed, and who is now retiring. It was very reassuring to know that her heart function continues to be stable and that there are no immediate plans for the next surgery but sad to say goodbye to someone who has been such a big part of her heart journey. Hopefully her new consultant will be just as good.
  • Had an eye check-up at the hospital and was very excited about going to choose a new pair of glasses – especially as she discovered that our local opticians had Frozen ones!
  • Enjoyed visiting our local infant school – can’t believe my big girl will be starting school next year!
  • Has had a little more energy since the half-term break which has been reassuring.


Jessica and Sophie at Chiltern Open Air Museum

 Sophie (2 years 0 months)

  • Is increasingly engaging in imaginative play which is beautiful to watch. I particularly enjoy watching her have a tea party with her toys.
  • Decided that she didn’t want to breastfeed anymore just before her second birthday. At bedtime one night, she just said “no booby, Mummy” and that was it.
  • Had a wonderful second birthday and got lots of lovely presents. The Twirlywoos Big Red Boat and Happyland Fairyland Boot have been big hits.
  • Loves to stand at the end of her cot calling “Mummy!” when she wakes up and then when she sees me coming up the stairs, always gives me a big grin and says “there you are!” which is utterly adorable.
  • Has become even more loving towards her big sister and gets very concerned when she sees Jessica upset – “what’s wrong, Jess-sha? Don’ cry! I give you tuddle. Luz you, Jess-sha!” – heart-melting moments.
  • Loves doing jigsaw puzzles and can now do a 12-piece puzzle all by herself – clever girl!


Jessica and Sophie sitting on wooden blocks at Chiltern Open Air Museum


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11 thoughts on “Siblings – November 2015

  1. Oh, they do look so sweet together. Frozen glasses sound very exciting! I love watching my kids totally immersed in imaginative play, just brilliant to see how creative they can be x

  2. Oh my goodness, they are just too adorable Louise. Look at those little faces!! So glad to hear that Jessica is doing well and it’s gorgeous that Sophie loves her big sister so much. I love this linky 🙂 #ftmob

  3. Ahhhh some proper Heartmelting ones in there – especially the concern over her sister. So cute. Clever girl too with the puzzle – Zach has always been a bit rubbish with puzzles! He doesn’t have the patience for them!! So glad all is well with Jessica’s heart too 🙂 Thanks for hosting #ftmob

  4. What lovely photos. Can I have some frozen glasses? ;0) So glad Jessica’s last appointment went so well and it really feels like Sophie has grown up so quickly. I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you that ;0) x

  5. My boys are of similar age and very close. It is lovely when they can play together so well and notice how.much love they have for one another.
    My eldest also bad so much energy from having a break at nursery, you don’t realise how.tiring it is for them X #FTMOB

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