Siblings – May 2016

May is a significant month for us as a family – it was the month when we first found out about Jessica’s heart condition and is a time when I always find myself reflecting on our journey so far.  To be here as a family five years on is truly amazing given just how bleak the prognosis was back then.  Seeing my two little girls together, living life to the full and having so much fun is such a huge blessing and I am so thankful for it.  They are the best of friends and share such a wonderful bond.  I love the way Sophie looks up to her big sister and tries to copy her – everything Jessica likes becomes Sophie’s “favourite thing ever!” and if Jessica decides she doesn’t like something, then Sophie very quickly follows suit (which is funny, although can also be a little frustrating at times!)

Siblings - May 2016 - photos of my girls from our recent day out at Legoland

This month’s photos are from a day out at our “favourite Legoland ever” – making the most of the lovely sunshine and enjoying a day out.  Legoland is one of our happy places – we’ve had so many days out there over the last couple of years and it is lovely to look back over the photos from previous visits and see the girls growing up together in them.

My girls sitting together on the Hill Train at Legoland

Jessica (4 years 8 months)

  • Got offered a place at our local infant school which we were very happy about although I’m hoping the time between now and her starting school will go very slowly!
  • Started Girls’ Brigade at our church and is thoroughly enjoying it – she had her first parade service last week which was a very proud mummy moment.
  • Has a date for her cardiac catheter procedure – the first step on the path to her next surgery – and this is planned for 7th June.
  • Had a community nurse visit last week and her sats were 85 which is the best they’ve been for quite a while!
  • Can do a 70 piece jigsaw puzzle by herself.
  • Has been enjoying getting out and about in the sunshine and putting her wonderful imagination to good use on days out – we’ve been hunting for fairies in the woods and generally making magic wherever we go!

 Posing with the Lego Friends on a day out at Legoland


Sophie (2 years 6 months)

  • Missed her big sister when Jessica went to Girls’ Brigade for the first time and wanted to have “Jess-ita back!”
  • Loves doing jigsaw puzzles and can now do 24 piece puzzles by herself.
  • Loves finding dandelion clocks to blow when out and about which means that walks are quite leisurely as we have to allow time to stop, pick a dandelion and blow the seeds away.
  • Loves to sit at the computer and “do work like Mummy” – so funny to watch.
  • Enjoys collecting treasures in her little bucket whenever we’re out and about – the spruce cones from Grandma’s garden are a particular favourite as are sticks!
  • Has moved into the next size of clothes which has brought back a lot of memories of when Jessica last wore the clothes Sophie is now wearing.

Jessica giving her little sister a cuddle at Legoland

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