Siblings – May

Seeing my two little girls walking along holding hands together is one of the most beautiful things in the world. They seem to get closer and closer each month and it is lovely to watch them exploring together and playing together. The flip side of course is that we are now getting more moments when they like to annoy each other too but the moments when they are adorable together definitely outweigh the more challenging ones!

Siblings (May) -  Little Hearts, Big Love

It was four years ago this month that we first found out about Jessica’s special heart and began our journey as a heart family. Two weeks after that appointment we were told that Jessica’s prognosis was incredibly bleak and she was unlikely to be suitable for surgery. Looking at my beautiful big girl today and seeing what a lovely big sister she is, I feel so incredibly blessed that we are here today. I am so thankful for my two gorgeous girlies and the precious moments that I see them sharing together every day.

Siblings (May) -  Little Hearts, Big LoveSiblings (May) -  Little Hearts, Big Love

Jessica (3 years 8 months)

  • Has become very, very chatty – so lovely to hear her chattering away to her toys or telling me or hubby about what she has been doing at preschool, or whilst out and about.
  • Whilst she has always been a very loving child, this has become more evident this month with her giving me a cuddle and saying “I love my mummy” several times a day. She also often will tell me “I love my Sophie” and “I love my daddy” too and it just melts my heart.
  • We had our first parents’ evening at preschool and were so proud to be told that Jessica is friendly and sociable and on target with everything and advanced for her age with numbers.
  • Brought home her first paintings from preschool – another proud mummy moment!
  • Has decided that mummy and daddy’s bed is a much better place to sleep than her big girl bed – as we all sleep quite well with this arrangement we have decided to embrace the concept of a family bed for now!
  • Loves looking for little bugs in the garden and blowing dandelion clocks.

Siblings (May) -  Little Hearts, Big Love

Sophie (1 year 6 months)

  • Loves to sing – especially the Teletubbies song and the character songs from In the Night Garden – it is lovely to watch her playing with the In the Night Garden toys and singing away to herself.
  • The bottom canines are now through – just the second set of molars to go and all of those baby teeth will be through. Am hoping that these will hold off for a little longer though and give us a break from teething!
  • Becoming much more confident with walking and running and is starting to attempt jumping now too.
  • Does a little happy dance whenever she is excited about anything which is so adorable.
  • Can be quite feisty and strong-willed and has moments of throwing herself face down on the sofa in a very dramatic fashion when she can’t have something she wants!
  • Loves to give cuddles and kisses and say “I lul loo”
  • Can count to ten all by herself – clever girl!

Siblings (May) -  Little Hearts, Big Love

Two little sisters enjoying time together in the garden.

Siblings (May) -  Little Hearts, Big Love

dear beautiful
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22 thoughts on “Siblings – May

  1. As one of 6 children I know the sibling relationship is very special. I’m currently expecting my first child & this pregnancy has certainly made me feel like just having the one! Your girls look so sweet together though, Lovely post.

    1. Thank you – how lovely that you are one of 6 but sorry that you are not particularly enjoying your pregnancy – hope all goes well with your little one’s arrival.

  2. What a gorgeous little update on your lovely girls Louise! They both sound adorable, although I know what you mean – along with the hand holding and ‘I love you’ comes the fighting. Gggrrrrr!! Well done to them both for their great number work 🙂 #sharethejoy

    1. Thanks Renee – yes there are definitely the challenging moments too but the lovely moments make up for them! 🙂

  3. Like you I love watching the bond developing between my two – although the squabbling can drive you crazy can’t it! Thanks for linking up this lovely post at #sharethejoy x

    1. Thank you Michelle – it is lovely to see that bond but yes the squabbling is a challenge! Lovely to link up to #sharethejoy again 🙂

  4. Love the photos and the update. Holding hands is just wonderful, isn’t it? I love it when my guys do that 🙂 I love that you can see how close they are from the photos x #siblings

  5. Aww they’re just so lovely together – I’m sure they have their moments but they always look so happy and so often looking for each other in your photos, it’s adorable!

  6. Aww these photos Louise are just beautiful, they get more adorable all the time. I LOVE their dresses, just stunning. Very, very sweet little girls xxx #siblings

    1. Thank you Alexandra – they are adorable little girls, am very lucky to be their mummy 🙂

  7. A lovely update, I love that the girls always match. It must be lovely to be told that you are loved by your children, and how sweet that Jessica says it about all of her family members. I’m glad you are sleeping well even if you are all in the same bed ;0) x

    1. Thank you Jane – I love putting the girls in matching dresses and it is lovely to see how loving they are together 🙂

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