Siblings – June 2022

I love watching Sophie and Thomas playing together. Thomas has nicknames for everyone at the moment – he’s ‘Woof’, Sophie is ‘Meow’, Jessica is ‘Squeak’, Daddy is ‘Moo’ and I am ‘Ribbit’. It’s adorable watching him snuggle up to Sophie and saying, “I love you, Meow” and hearing her respond, “I love you too, Woof”. Not quite sure why we’re all named after animal sounds but it makes me smile. I love that Thomas has included Jessica in this too.


This month has been a busy one with events at school and through the various activities that the children do, plus an increased workload for me at the moment so I’m later than usual sharing our siblings post. The photos were taken earlier this month though, while Sophie and Thomas were enjoying their early morning snuggles, wrapped up in the ‘Jessica blanket’. Candid sibling shots with Jessica included are hard to come by – these are the nearest I can get to candid shots with all three of my children together.


Sophie and Thomas snuggled up together under a blanket with photos of Jessica on - "Siblings - June 2022"


Thomas (3 years 10 months)

  • Enjoyed going on a preschool day out to Legoland.
  • Has been enjoying picking and eating raspberries in the garden.
  • Had his preschool graduation photo taken. I’m not sure I’m ready for my baby to be almost finished with preschool!
  • Can do times tables up to 14 and count and do sums in three languages (English, French and Spanish) and is now learning numbers in German. I’m having to brush up my Spanish and German numbers to keep up with him!



Sophie and Thomas snuggled up together under a blanket with photos of Jessica on


Sophie (8 years 7 months)

  • Enjoyed going on an outing to Hanwell Zoo with Girls’ Brigade.
  • Took her first dance exam (primary tap) and is waiting for the results of this.
  • Enjoyed taking part in the Mid Bucks and West Herts Dance Festival and performing her song and dance solo for the first time. She performed well and was awarded a bronze medal for her song and dance duet and a gold medal for her tap solo.
  • Enjoyed taking part in her first sports day at Junior school. It was lovely to be able to watch her take part – it’s the first time parents have been able to watch since her Reception sports day. I was very impressed with her skills at balancing a tennis ball on a tennis racquet and running with it.


Sophie and Thomas snuggled up together under a blanket with photos of Jessica on


Jessica (forever 6 years 7 months)

  • Jessica’s first sports day at preschool popped up on my Facebook memories the other day and made me smile with the comment about how she excitedly told me she was “the winner” in spite of trailing way behind everyone in every race she entered. She enjoyed it so much. I thought of her during Sophie’s sports day when I saw her classmates racing and wondered which races she would have taken part in. No doubt she would have still lagged behind the others, but seeing the support for those who were last in their races made me realise that she still would have been encouraged along.

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