Friday Focus 24/06/2022 – Eventful

This week has been quite an eventful one with a dance-filled weekend, plus a preschool day out at Legoland and Sophie’s sports day. Today we have her school summer fayre and then she’s at the dance festival again this weekend for her tap solo. Busy times.


The word 'eventful'


It’s so nice though to be able to enjoy the usual summer term events again. Getting to see Sophie taking part in sports day for the first time since Reception, and a preschool trip to Legoland that brought back memories of similar trips with the girls.


Hubby’s away at the moment working on an event so I’m flying solo again this week although thankfully he was home over the weekend to enjoy some Daddy-Thomas time while Sophie and I were at all her dance activities.


What I’ve been grateful for this week:


Sophie and Thomas in the paddling pool; Sophie and her dance partner in their song and dance duet dresses with their bronze medals; Sophie and her dance partner waiting for their tap exam; colourful wildflowers; Thomas on the 'Balloon School' ride at Legoland; Sophie running whilst balancing a tennis ball on a racquet; Thomas asleep in my bed - "#365daysofgratitude 2022 - Week 25"


  • Day 168 – I am grateful for the paddling pool!


  • Day 169 – I am grateful for constructive feedback from Sophie’s two song and dance numbers at today’s festival (always nice to have clear notes on what to work on for next time) and a bronze medal for 3rd place for her and her dance partner in their song and dance duet.


  • Day 170 – I am grateful that Sophie enjoyed doing her first tap exam today.


  • Day 171 – I am grateful for the beautiful wildflowers that I pass on my way to the shops.


  • Day 172 – I am grateful for a fun preschool day out at Legoland.


  • Day 173 – I am grateful for being able to watch Sophie taking part in sports day again.


  • Day 174 – I am grateful that I don’t get quite so squashed by small people coming into our bed when hubby’s away!



Other things that have made me smile this week:

  • Seeing Thomas’s preschool graduation photos – although I’m not sure I’m ready for my baby to be about to finish preschool!


Thomas wearing a red gown and graduation cap and holding a scroll
Photo taken by Captured Moments Photography


  • Doing some leaf-printing at Tots Go Wild.


  • The lovely crafts Sophie and Thomas made for Fathers’ Day.


Two handprints on a piece of paper with the words "Hands down the best daddy ever. Happy Father's Day" and a paper plate with the words "Dear Daddy, I love you because..." written in the middle and then various reasons why written on strips of paper stuck around the edges of the paper plate.


  • Sitting out in the garden with my laptop and working in the sunshine.


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18 thoughts on “Friday Focus 24/06/2022 – Eventful

  1. Thomas’ preschool graduation photo is just the sweetest thing!!!!! His little face portrays a bright future with many happy graduations to come. Kudos to you for focusing on all the things in your life that inspire your gratitude. It’s such a positive and loving way to look at life.

  2. It has been an eventful week for your family. It really is nice to enjoy the normal summer school things. We have sports day next week and it’s the first one for my youngest at this school. It looks like Sophie is really loving the dancing. Well done to her. Aww! Thomas graduating preschool, the photo is just adorable. He’s growing up fast. x

  3. Sure sounds eventful for you and yours. Thomas looks such a darling and I can just imagine his face changing in all the upcoming school photos. Cherish them. And your daughter seems to be doing well at sing and dance and enjoying it too. I hope you master all these events well.

  4. Lots of eventful moments for you this week. I love that Sophie is doing well in her dancing classes and I love Thomas’ graduation photo. It doesn’t seem that long ago when my young ones were graduating from pre-school.

    1. It goes so fast doesn’t it? I can’t quite believe that our preschool days are now over.

  5. Such a busy week. Glad the dance festival was production, and hope the tap exam went well. I used to love doing my dance exams although never got the time to try tap. I’d quite like to try it now, but the thought of having to put leggings on is enough to put me off! Sweet graduation photos – the last year of anything ‘school’ like, always whizzes by so fast.

    1. It certainly has gone by really quickly. Can’t quite believe we’re now done with preschool.

  6. Aww, isn’t Thomas’s graduation photo the cutest thing? He looks adorable. Big well done to Sophie for the bronze medal. Hope the tap exam went well too. She looks so happy with her dance partner.

    1. It’s such a cute photo. It is lovely to see how much Sophie enjoys her dancing and that she and her dance partner are such good friends.

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