Siblings – June

With the warmer weather finally starting to arrive, we’ve been making the most of the sunshine and having time outdoors.   The girls have enjoyed a couple of days out in London on a hunt for the Shaun in the City sculptures and we’ve been making the most of our annual passes to Legoland and Chiltern Open Air Museum too!

Siblings: June - Little Hearts, Big Love

Bedtime is often when they are at their most adorable together – once the toys are packed away, they love to play hide and seek behind the curtains or run up and down the corridor, laughing together. Jessica will often stop in the middle of the hall while Sophie runs away and then comes back to give her a hug. They are getting better at sharing toys and taking turns and I love watching Jessica trying to help her younger sister when they play together.

Siblings: June - Little Hearts, Big Love

Jessica (3 years 9 months)

  • Had her cardiac check-up and was very good at lying still during her heart scan. It was a relief to hear that her heart function continues to be good and that there are no plans for any intervention to take place this year at present.
  • Has been enjoying doing lots of crafts with Mummy – she loved making a foam shapes bracelet and our week of sea-themed crafts.
  • Likes to come downstairs if she wakes late in the evening before Mummy and Daddy have come to bed. The worst thing about this is that she comes downstairs so silently and to suddenly turn away from the computer and see her standing there looking at me has given me a fright a few times!
  • Was so excited to see Daddy at the airport after his week away working and ran to meet him shouting “Daddy! Daddy! It’s my Daddy!”
  • Loved being in the toddler carrier on Mummy’s back during our days out in London.
  • Loves looking through Mummy and Daddy’s wedding photo album so much that it has taken the place of one of the bedtime stories.

Siblings: June - Little Hearts, Big Love

 Sophie (1 year 7 months)

  • Can now say Jessica although it is adorably mispronounced as “Jess-sha!”
  • Is starting to miss her big sister on the mornings that Jessica is at preschool and will often say “Oh no! Where Jess-sha go? Jess-sha, come back!”
  • Has been enjoying some one-to-one time with Mummy at a toddler group while Jessica is at preschool.
  • Has started joining in with bedtime prayers with a very enthusiastic “Amen!” at the end.
  • Loves saying “bye-bye” but tends to wait until after the person she is saying goodbye to has gone!
  • Loves dancing – her signature move is to go round in a circle with one foot stuck to the floor although she also loves to copy the actions when watching the Tweenies.

Siblings: June - Little Hearts, Big Love

It is becoming increasingly difficult to get photos of the two girls together where both are looking at the camera as they are both so interested in whatever else they are doing at the time! This month, I gave up trying and just captured a few moments of them having fun together enjoying the sunshine in Grandma’s garden.

Siblings: June - Little Hearts, Big LoveSiblings: June - Little Hearts, Big Love

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20 thoughts on “Siblings – June

  1. My girls have recently started to actually want to play together like this, Isabella will have a strop if I take Martha inside after they’ve been playing outside together.
    I wish we lived closer to London too, Osh would love annual passes to Legoland.
    Hope the weather holds so we can make more memories like these xxx
    ps. I love Sophie’s Sun Hat 🙂

  2. They’re adorable together! Cute little updates as well! We might have to visit the Chiltern Open Air Museum. We’ve never been and we’re only a 15 min drive away! x #sharethejoylinky

  3. What a lovely post! It is very clear why that brings so much joy! It must make you so proud and pleased that they behave like that towards each other. Love Sophie’s words. Bless her. Thanks for sharing #ShareTheJoy

  4. Beautiful little girls having fun in the sun, these are the memories to cherish the most, the little things. #sharethejoylinky

  5. My heart melted at the thought of the girls stopping mid play for a hug! So wonderful to have a built in play mate. I love your post, capturing their milestones in this way is so invaluable and I only wish I’d done the same when my daughter was younger.
    Thanks for linking up to #SharetheJoy !

  6. I love these photos of them together playing. How sweet that Sophie misses her sister but great that she is getting one to one time with you. I’m glad Jessica’s appointment went well x

  7. Oh I love these pictures, I think they’re some of my favourite yet – I want to play whatever they’re playing!

  8. I just love kids’ dance moves – Jet stands on one leg and bobs up and down, whilst Stella rocks forwards and backwards. Now she has developed a sort of twist, flailing her arms about, a brave move when one has only just begun to master standing up!
    Having said that, they probably think we look pretty funny too. And they would be right :/
    x Alice

  9. This is so sweet – what a cute post and those photos!!
    Boo does the same thing with goodbyes – she waits til after the person is gone and then yells bye … bye… BYE! and waves manically. hehe so cute.
    I love that Sophie has started to say Jessica’s name =)

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