Siblings – July 2014

Watching my two little girls playing together is so beautiful. Sophie is now very confident with sitting unsupported. This means that she can now sit down on the floor with Jessica and they can play together.


Sophie and Jessica sitting on the floor together playing with bricks

Playing with wooden blocks is a favourite activity for both. Jessica loves trying to build a tower with the blocks. She will now count as she stacks the blocks on top of each other, trying to build as tall a tower as she can. Needless to say, Sophie is very good at then knocking it down! Sometimes Jessica finds this funny, but more often than not, a little sister destroying a carefully built tower is annoying and frustrating. Thankfully there is enough room for them both to be able to sit and play with the bricks if that is the case!


Jessica building a tower and Sophie looking cheeky

Jessica also loves looking for the number on each brick. She can now count and recognise the numbers up to 30. She is also starting to be able to recognise letters. We’ve just about got the hang of colours too so coloured bricks with numbers and letters are great fun in lots of ways.


Jessica and Sophie sitting on the floor playing with coloured bricks

Sophie is just happy that she is able to pick the brick up. She will often examine it quite intently before testing whether it tastes good or not. She is getting more mobile this month having just started to work out how to crawl forwards as well as backwards and can now work her way across the living room floor with surprising speed!


Sophie and Jessica sitting on the floor playing with coloured bricks

Jessica is not always so impressed by her sister’s newfound mobility though. Whilst there are many loving moments, we are also seeing a few more moments of irritation and annoyance. On the whole though, they tend to be very good together. These little moments of sibling rivalry and jealousy are to be expected.


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8 thoughts on “Siblings – July 2014

  1. My two like building towers, too, though they’re the same as yours – sometimes tower destroying is funny, sometimes annoying! Lovely to see them starting to interact more, isn’t it? X

    1. It is lovely to watch them interact more as there are definitely more beautiful moments when they are just so happy together enjoying each other’s company but it also brings the challenges now that sibling rivalry is starting to emerge a little 🙂

  2. Building towers is a big favourite in this house too, biggest builds and littlest destroys here as well. Adorable photos, thanks for linking up to Siblings. x

    1. Thank you – blocks are great for all ages. Lovely to link up with you again 🙂

  3. What cute photos. I think it does take some getting used to when this little baby that has been relatively still for months suddenly starts moving and interfering with play. I am sure they will get used to each other in no time and will just have the best of fun playing together.

    1. Thank you – yes, I think it is a bit of a shock that her baby sister can now move and get exactly what she wants rather than being content with what she is given! We have a lot of lovely moments though! 🙂

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