Mini Creations – Painting

With a rainy afternoon stopping us from going out and playing in the garden, it seemed a good moment to get the craft box out and do some painting instead.


Jessica chose three colours – red, green and blue and a chunky brush and sponge.


Jessica painting using a chunky brush and three colours

It is interesting to see how she changes in her approach to painting as she gets bigger. She now considers carefully which colour she wants and makes a definite decision about where exactly on the paper the next brush stroke or sponge mark is going to go. She experiments more with making big brush strokes, or just dabbing the paint on with the edge of the brush. It is lovely to watch her concentrate and take so much pleasure in creating her pictures. She also is very sure about what exactly she is painting now.


This is Jessica’s painting of her sister Sophie:


Jessica's painting of Sophie

Sophie also got to have a little go with the paints this time. Mummy painted her hand and helped her do some hand prints on some card. After a couple of hand prints though Sophie looked like she was going to be more interested in trying to put her hands in her mouth. I quickly cleaned her up and let her go back to playing with toys whilst watching her sister paint.


Sophie doing some handprint painting

Sophie's handprint painting

Mini Creations

6 thoughts on “Mini Creations – Painting

  1. Lovely paintings, paint usually ends up in mouths here too!! #minicreations

    1. Thank you – yes, my eldest was trying to paint her face after she’d had enough of painting on the paper! 🙂

  2. Aww so lovely and lovely to hear how the painting develops as she grows. Both paintings look lovely 🙂 xx #minicreations

    1. Thank you – Jessica and Sophie both had lots of fun doing them! Lovely to join in with #minicreations again 🙂

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