Siblings – February

We had our first snow of the winter at the beginning of the month which seemed like the ideal opportunity to take some photos for February’s Siblings photo project.

Siblings: February - Little Hearts, Big LoveThe last month has been the first month since Sophie’s arrival where the girls have spent ‘awake’ time apart from each other, with Jessica being at preschool for two days a week. I thought Sophie might miss her sister, but she seems quite happy to enjoy the one-to-one time with Mummy and doesn’t particularly seem bothered that Jessica is not around on those mornings. What is lovely though is to see how happy they both are to see each other – lots of cuddles and kisses (albeit all too soon followed by squabbles over toys once we are home again – but thankfully these tend to be brief power struggles and then they are back to playing happily again!)

Siblings: February - Little Hearts, Big LoveJessica is usually the more affectionate of the two and loves to give her baby sister cuddles, whereas Sophie likes to be independent and will tolerate cuddles for so long before she wants her own space. Sophie’s way of showing affection is mostly by giving toys although she will give an occasional spontaneous open-mouthed sloppy kiss (although rarely on request).

Siblings: February - Little Hearts, Big LoveWhilst Jessica is still the bossy one of the pair and will often demand that Sophie “hold hands!” if they are running around together, we are now starting to see little glimpses of Sophie starting to assert herself – particularly a moment recently where Jessica was climbing on the sofa and Sophie was shouting “get down!” at her.

Siblings: February - Little Hearts, Big Love Now that Sophie is becoming increasingly chatty, it is lovely to watch them talking and singing together and to hear them making each other laugh. The bond between them grows stronger by the day and despite the little squabbles, on the whole they seem happiest when they are together.

Siblings: February - Little Hearts, Big LoveSeeing them enjoying snow together for the first time was magical although it would have been nice to have a bit more of it! It was Sophie’s first time out in the snow and she was a bit nonplussed about the cold white stuff whereas Jessica was quite fascinated by how it made her slide extra slippy. It was lovely to see them both having fun outside together as we made our way to toddler group (only the second time Sophie has walked there rather than be carried in the toddler carrier) although it was a shame that it had all melted away by the time we went home again.

Siblings: February - Little Hearts, Big Love

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20 thoughts on “Siblings – February

  1. They look like they’re having lots of fun in the snow! Lovely that Sophie likes her one on one time, too. I worried that with Boo starting school Little Man would miss her, but no, he likes all the attention! Though like Sophie, he loves having her home then x

    1. It is nice to be able to have that one-to-one time isn’t it, but so lovely when they are happy to see their sibling arrive home too! 🙂

  2. What great pics! And they sound like real characters. I love those blue snowsuits.

    1. Thank you – those snowsuits have been great – so good for getting out and about in all weathers 🙂

  3. This is how it is between Isabella and Martha now; although I know they shouldn’t be fighting I am glad that Martha is able to stand up for herself. The one on one time I have with Martha while Isabella is in school is lovely too xxx #siblings

  4. Aww they look like they’re having the best time in the snow – such gorgeous pictures of your lovely girls 🙂

  5. Great memories there. I am envious that you got some snow photos – I intended to, but it all melted by the time pre-school finished! x

    1. Thank you – we were lucky it wasn’t a preschool day otherwise we might not have got any either!

  6. It’s lovely to see them enjoying time together and apart. My little girl misses her brothers when they are in school, but that makes her all the more excited to see them at pick up 🙂

    1. It is lovely when they are excited to see their siblings back again isn’t it? 🙂

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