Siblings – February 2017

We’re on half-term this week. The thing I love most about half-term is having both my girls at home and watching them enjoying spending time together again. To sit and listen to them playing with their toys and really using their imaginations is such a joy. They are much happier playing together during the weekends and holidays than in the afternoons during term-time. When they are both home after school, they are tired and more likely to squabble with each other. It’s amazing how much more nicely they play together when they are well rested!

Jessica and Sophie holding hands and enjoying a walk at Ankerwyke: Siblings - February 2017

Jessica (5 years 5 months)

  • Got her silver reading raccoon certificate for having read 50 books.
  • Had fun making cupcakes to take to church for all her friends in Girls’ Brigade.
  • Loves watching Numberblocks on CBeebies.
  • Was very excited about visiting Stonehenge recently having seen it on Go Jetters.
  • Needed new glasses and was very excited about going to the “glasses shop” to choose them.

Jessica and Sophie enjoying the sunshine at Ankerwyke

Sophie (3 years 3 months)

  • Loves her new monkey hat – perfect for my cheeky little monkey!
  • Loves to help me with the grocery shopping. We have to have one of the baskets on wheels so she can pull it around the shop. Then when we get to the till, she insists on emptying it herself and handing each item to the cashier.
  • Has been making me laugh with her dance moves – not quite sure where the twerking has come from but it’s very funny to watch.
  • Is enjoying preschool and is starting to make some new friends. I love that she comes out of preschool and chats to me about what she has been doing. I assumed she would be like Jessica and it would be hard to get any information out of her!


12 thoughts on “Siblings – February 2017

  1. It’s funny, I find my youngest more chatty about pre-school too. I’ve also noticed that they’re playing a lot more nicely together now it’s half term.

  2. I can’t wait for our half term next week and to see my girls together, as just like you I love it when they are together. Well done Jessica on reading 50 books that is quite an achievement and I’m so pleased that Sophie is doing well at preschool, such a relief for you x

  3. We have been making the most of half term here for sure. It’s been blissful laziness. hahah I love love their matching coats. I always wish I could match my two boy and girl as so hard to coordinate. I do my best. Sounds like they will be lovely best friends growing up even if a few bickers there from sisters its’ amazing to have a sister. Lovely photos. #siblingsproject

  4. I love half term, too, listening in to my two playing and creating their own worlds together – it’s superheroes at the moment! Beautiful photos, they do look so happy and close together x

    1. Thanks Jocelyn. It is lovely when they’re engrossed in creating their own worlds together 🙂

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