Siblings – February 2016

Sophie has now reached the stage where we can go for walks without needing to bring the buggy or a toddler carrier along which has felt quite liberating. The change bag has frequently been ditched in favour of a rucksack (much easier to carry, especially when trying to hold two little hands) and we have been enjoying getting out and about on adventures together.

Siblings (February 2016) - Little Hearts, Big Love

I love to watch the girls exploring and having fun together in the great outdoors. Sophie is the adventurous one – she has no fear and will often run ahead to look at something that has just caught her eye. Jessica’s pace is more leisurely and she is the more timid of the two –holding back from exploring too far into the unknown unless Mummy is right there beside her, and even then she is often still unsure. Even in the playground, it is the same – Sophie will explore, and climb, and want to try out everything whereas Jessica will stick to what she knows she enjoys – which is mostly just the swings. And whilst both girls can be heard shrieking “higher! Push me higher, Mummy!” it is Jessica who will always be the first to say “that’s high enough now, Mummy”.

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These days, it can be tricky to get a photo of the two of them together – while Jessica will happily stop and smile for the camera; Sophie is not always so impressed by Mummy constantly trying to take photos of her and any requests to stop and smile at the camera are likely to be met with a very forceful “No!” Every so often, I can manage to get a photo of the girls standing together, posing for the camera but otherwise I have to try and quickly capture the moment before Sophie becomes too aware of the camera!

Siblings (February 2016) - Little Hearts, Big Love

Jessica (4 years 5 months)

  • Has been trying to teach Mummy how to curtsey.
  • Loved doing the Stick Man trail so much that she wanted to go round twice.
  • Is really enjoying learning French with Mummy – she asks me several times a day “can we do some French now, please Mummy?” and her current favourite thing is to count to ten in French.
  • Had a wonderful time with her cousins when they came over from Luxembourg to visit.
  • Loves drawing – it is her favourite activity at the moment and she particularly likes drawing people.
  • Loves helping Mummy in the kitchen and especially enjoyed all the baking that we did for various fundraisers during Heart Week.


Siblings (February 2016) - Little Hearts, Big Love

Sophie (2 years 3 months)

  • Loves her new Frozen bedding – her first duvet and pillow set.
  • Is definitely letting us know that she is two – with toddler tantrums aplenty! She’s very dramatic with them and it is quite funny to watch her throw herself down on the sofa and protest for a moment before looking up slightly to see if I’m paying her any attention. Once she’s got it out of her system, she’s all smiles and joy again – funny how quickly it all changes!
  • Loved being able to go to preschool with Jessica during Heart Week as they had a stay and play session as part of their fundraising.
  • Can count to five in French and loves singing ‘Frère Jacques’.
  • Has started waking very early but thankfully will go back to sleep if she gets to come into Mummy and Daddy’s bed for a snuggle. I’m not sure that we get a lot more sleep after this happens but it’s still better than having to get out of bed while it’s still dark!
  • Has a bit of thing about covering herself in stickers and made me giggle at church last Sunday when she came in from crèche with stickers all over her face. Thankfully they weren’t too sticky and peeled off again without causing too much distress.


The Me and Mine Project


10 thoughts on “Siblings – February 2016

  1. What a beautiful collection of photographs Louise, such gorgeous little toots!
    They are going to be such amazing friends throughout their lives. I’m the same with my big sister… we chat on the phone every day!
    It must feel liberating to leave some of the baggage behind. I chuckled as I read this because I remember counting our belongings as we checked into an airport back when my two kids were small. We had 11 items!!!
    Have a great week

    1. Thank you Neesie – we’ve never travelled on a plane with the girls but I can imagine that we would have a similar amount of luggage if we did! It is lovely seeing the bond between the girls and how lovely that you still chat on the phone every day with your big sister 🙂

  2. Gorgeous photos, lovely to see them on their adventures together. My son always needs a stick, too, not too sure why?! That swing shot is beautiful, a great way to snap them both together. I find that both of my kids are explorers, which made it tricky when I was out alone with them when they were younger as they both ran off in different directions! Fortunately these days they are a little better at listening to me, a little..! x

    1. Swings are a great way of trying to get them both together – they’re usually focusing more on having fun rather than trying to avoid looking at the camera! Having the kids running off in different directions is always challenging – I’ve had it happen a few times too!

    1. Thanks Sara – they are lovely together and I do love watching them exploring outdoors 🙂

  3. Gorgeous update and love that you are teaching them French, that is fantastic and wish I knew enough of another language to teach my two! Funny how you say Sophie is so much braver than Jessica, LM is is much braver than Monkey too, wonder if it is a second child thing but LM is always off exploring while Monkey is by my side! Xx

    1. Thanks Caroline – my French is still only about GCSE level so is quite limited but they have a DVD which they both love watching and that helps. I think it might be a second child thing too – I know I’ve certainly been more relaxed with Sophie exploring than I was with Jessica at the same age.

  4. We were at a Theme Park yesterday and it was Martha who dared to go down the big slide first – and only then Isabella only went if Martha went down with her at the same time! I think the youngest ones must be the most daring.

    I hope you’re fundraisers were all successful last week and that you all enjoyed the baking.

    I love the photo where Jessica is holding around Sophie – she’s the best big sister xxx

    1. It’s funny how the youngest ones seem more daring – I think they just have more confidence from having older siblings to copy. The fundraisers all went very well thank you – I was so pleased that the preschool and toddler signing were happy to support Heart Week 🙂

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