Siblings – December 2018

I love watching Sophie and Thomas together. Seeing how gentle Sophie is with him and the way he smiles at her is just beautiful. It so reminds me of how my girls were together. What a loving trio my three children would have made together and how I wish I could be preparing for Christmas with all three of them.


Sophie and Thomas looking at each other and smiling, wearing Santa hats, with Jessica's picture between them - "Siblings - December 2018"


Christmas will be hard this year without Jessica. We have lots of special decorations for our tree in honour of our beautiful girl. She will still be there in our hearts. Last Christmas was when we told the girls we were expecting another baby. Jessica was so excited. She kept saying “Sophie, Mummy’s got a baby in her tummy!” She would have loved preparing for Thomas’s first Christmas.


Taking a festive themed siblings photo for our Christmas card has become a tradition over the last few years. I already knew just what I was going to do for this year when Thomas arrived. It had to be the Nativity scene. It was the theme for the first Christmas card photo with Jessica and Sophie too. I ended up taking the photo for this year’s photo back in September while Thomas was still small enough to fit in the basket of hay. Naturally my big girl had to be in the photo too. I had some beautiful photos of her playing an angel in her school nativity from a couple of years ago. Thank goodness for photo editing software. My angel is there in this year’s Christmas card photo watching over her siblings.


A Nativity scene with Sophie as Mary, Thomas as baby Jesus and Jessica as an angel


Thomas (0 years 20 weeks)

  • Can now sign ‘milk’ at me when he wants feeding.
  • Is now looking more intently at toys and reaching out to grab them.
  • Has been trying to roll – so far is managing to go from his back to his side but can’t quite flip over just yet.
  • Has started laughing.
  • Always wakes up full of smiles in the morning – what a little ray of sunshine he is.


Sophie and Thomas looking at each other and smiling, wearing Santa hats, with Jessica's picture between them


Sophie (5 years 1 month)

  • Received a WOW of the Week at school for “being a lovely friend and always smiling all day.”
  • Rode a pony for the first time at the monthly Halo families meet-up.
  • Has been enjoying various festive activities and days out.
  • Received her bronze Reading Raccoon certificate at school for reading 25 books and her one year badge at Girls’ Brigade.
  • Enjoyed playing Angel Gabriel in her school nativity.


Sophie and Thomas holding hands with Jessica's picture between them

Jessica (forever 6 years 7 months)

  • We had a meeting with Jessica’s consultant to discuss the post-mortem report. We didn’t get any new information but it was still helpful to talk through the results. What was hard though was saying goodbye to Ocean Ward.
  • I made a Christmas wreath to lay on Jessica’s forever bed.
  • Yesterday was one of Jessica’s heart days. It is seven years since she had her Norwood procedure. So thankful for all the wonderful medical care she received that meant we got to have six and a half years with our beautiful girl.



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