Siblings – August

Sophie is getting more and more mobile each day and starting to pull herself up to standing. This is creating some interesting moments as we have been teaching Jessica to put her puzzle pieces and magazines or anything she doesn’t want Sophie to touch on the TV table or on the sofa where Sophie can’t reach it. The only problem is that now Sophie is able to stand, Sophie can reach much more and there are not that many spaces left which are now out of her reach!

This month’s photos come from an afternoon in the garden. We have dug out Jessica’s baby walker ready for Sophie to use and both girls have been enjoying playing with it. I think it was a boat at one point with Jessica turning it over and sitting on it whilst Sophie played with the wheels and enjoyed spinning them. Then it was tipped back over for Sophie to press all the buttons and enjoy all the lights and sounds that resulted before Jessica decided she wanted to talk it for a walk.

Siblings 08-01

Later there was a lovely moment with Jessica playing inside her house and Sophie standing holding on to the window ledge. Admittedly, Sophie was helped to stand by Mummy but it was lovely to see Jessica then take hold of Sophie’s hands to help her stand and start chatting to her through the window.

Siblings 08-02

I think perhaps the sibling rivalry is a little less this month – naturally there are moments when Jessica gets frustrated at Sophie being able to get to her toys (especially when she has put a puzzle together and Sophie takes it apart!), there are also lots of moments when she is very loving too and I particularly like her latest habit of coming over whenever Sophie is feeding and giving her very gentle kisses on the top of her head.   I do find it quite funny when Sophie starts making a beeline for Jessica’s toys and Jessica says “No, Sophie! You’re a pickle, Sophie!” – can’t think who she picked this up from!


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  1. Oh how adorable – I love the pictures of them standing at the window of the playhouse – they look so sweet and happy together!

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