Seeking refuge in the cocoon of childhood

Dear little girls

I watch you both sleeping, gaze at your peaceful content faces. You dream away, oblivious to the increasing craziness of the world around you.

Jessica and Sophie having a cuddle - "Seeking refuge in the cocoon of childhood"

I am afraid for you. I am afraid of this increasingly dark world in which you are growing up. Afraid of the hatred that is out there, in a world that seems to be becoming more broken by the day.


You know nothing of hate. You are surrounded by love. When your world gets too scary, a cuddle is enough to make it better. You are cocooned in a bubble of childhood innocence, focused on fun and play. You see other children as just that – children like you, friends to be made, someone to play with. You see only people – the only labels are child or adult, family or friend. If only we could all be a little more like that.


Darling girls, I do not know what this uncertain new world will hold for you. I know only that I will do all I can to protect you, to keep you safe, to keep you in that beautiful cocoon for as long as I am able to.


Today my world feels like a scary place. Today I will hold you both closer, gaze a little more on those beautiful innocent faces that I love so dearly and focus on what is good in this world.


Here there is love, there is warmth and the beautiful innocence of childhood. Today I will look at those things, focus on those things and learn from them. I will hold on to the hope that you are the future of the world and that the love and acceptance you have in your hearts will help to shine a light in the darkness.


Today, it is your cuddles that will help to make my world a less scary place.

Cuddle Fairy

18 thoughts on “Seeking refuge in the cocoon of childhood

  1. It really is a dark and scary place right now and it seems to be getting worse. I hope our cocoons of love give them all the protection they need to become amazing grown ups that will make the world a better place x

  2. Your girls are so loved and so adorable, allowing in some of the less pleasant things of life in will be very hard. All I’d say is you have a few years yet to keep them enjoying their childhood and the finer things in life. #BloggerClubUK

    1. Thank you Fiona – I will be doing my best to keep them in that cocoon for as long as I can!

    1. Indeed – sadly one day they will start learning that the world is not always a beautiful place but hopefully we can help keep it beautiful for them for as long as possible x

  3. Lovely post. Hold them close and keep them safe. Let’s hope they can make the world a better place.

  4. It’s so true isn’t it? The innocence of childhood is something i want to grab onto myself. If I could wave a magic wand and protect all kids from the harsh world around us, I would. It sounds like you’re going through a tough time and I hope you’re ok? Ruth

    1. Thank you Ruth – yes, I’m ok – just having a post-election wobble and wishing I could protect my children from all the hate there is in the world x

  5. It is nice for kiddies to enjoy childhood & the lovely cocoon of love they have from their family. It makes protecting them all the more important, doesn’t it? The world is making some crazy choices lately, I hope we can turn things around & make it more positive & loving. Thank you for sharing with us at #BloggerClubUK x

    1. It certainly does Becky – am definitely focusing at the moment on the ways in which I can make my own little world a more positive and loving place. Lovely to link up again, thank you for hosting x

  6. A lovely post and sadly I feel the same. I’m quite sad at the world our children seem to be growing up in and I’m really not sure if there’s anyway back now that hate has taken over.

    1. I’m not sure either to be honest Nat – but all we can do is try to change the little part of the world that we live in and hope that if enough people do the same, things will change x

  7. I think I’m happier in my baby bubble and not taking much interest in the news. I didn’t even know a new five pound note had been released! #bloggerclubuk

  8. Hi Louise, lovely words. The world is a scary place right now, but who knows, things may get better. We must live in hope. But for now keep your arms around your girls and protect them from what they don’t need to know right now.


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