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I can’t resist buying pretty dresses for the girls. They’re still at the age where they’re happy to let me choose their clothes and wear matching dresses. I have to admit I’m making the most of it while I still can! They have a lot of pretty dresses in their wardrobe, especially as both Nanny and Grandma also enjoy buying them clothes. Some of my favourite outfits are from Seesaw Children’s Clothes, a small company based in the south of England which makes reversible outfits for children.

Jessica and Sophie in their reversible pinafore dresses - patchwork print at the top and plain blue corduroy below: Reversible outfits from Seesaw Children's Clothes

Our most recent purchases are the pretty dresses in the photo above. They’re not quite matching but they’re close enough for me. One side is a pretty patchwork print and the other is plain blue corduroy with a print sash. I love the fact that the dresses are reversible. Firstly it means having two different looks from one dress. It’s also quite useful if we’re out at an event and the girls spill something on their dress (as small children often do) – we can just turn it inside out and they still have a pretty dress to wear!


The dresses wash well too although they do need ironing afterwards. I’ve had a few outfits that both the girls have worn regularly and they’re still in great condition.


The other thing I love about the outfits is they’re quite different from anything that I’ve seen in the shops. I always get lovely compliments on them whenever the girls are out and about wearing them. The prints are so pretty and the colours on the plain side are lovely and vibrant.

Baby Sophie and a 2-year old Jessica in co-ordinating patchwork print reversible dresses from Seesaw Children's Clothes

I first came across Seesaw Children’s Clothes when my mother-in-law bought the girls a couple of pretty matching dresses at the RHS Wisley Christmas craft fayre. I loved the patchwork fabric on one side and the corduroy on the other – not to mention the pretty matching bag and dress that came with them!


We’ve added a few dresses to the collection since then, most of which have now sadly been outgrown by both girls. Some of the dresses have also had matching hats and little bags to go with them! The girls have also had warm bodywarmers – fleece on one side and corduroy on the other – and pretty print dungarees.

Top left - Jessica and Sophie wearing blue cotton print pinafore dresses with their Daddy in the middle of them. Bottom left - Jessica wearing a pink fleece bodywarmer with an appliqued picture of a pony and sheep. Right - Sophie wearing patterned print dungarees

Jessica loved her elephant print/plum corduroy skirt which fitted her for a good couple of years. She’s only just handed it down to Sophie – there’s plenty of wear to be had from it still!

Left - Jessica singing into the microphone at church wearing an elephant print skirt; Right - Jessica exploring a garden wearing a plum coloured corduroy skirt

Seesaw Children’s Clothes have a variety of different ranges of girls and boys clothes. Sizes range from newborn up to around 6-8 years, with some items being available to age 10.


I have not received any compensation for writing this post. I have written this post to share a review of a brand that I have bought clothes from and love.

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14 thoughts on “Review – Seesaw Children’s Clothes

  1. I’ve never heard of this brand before but thank you for introducing me to it. I will definitely check out there clothes, I love that they are reversible what a great idea!

    Jodie x

  2. Oh what cute little outfits – I love the idea of them being reversible.
    Thanks for sharing your review on #TriedTested this week x

  3. Those dresses are absolutely adorable. As are your girls. I love that the dresses look so well made and current from department store things. Also the fact you can reverse them is super nice. Just love them.

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