Review – Personalised Peppa Pig goes to Playgroup book

We were recently offered a personalised Peppa Pig softback book from Penwizard to review. There were three choices of book available as follows:


  • (Your child) and Peppa Pig go to Playgroup (or Pre-school, Nursery or School depending on preference – they are all the same story)
  • Peppa Pig and (your child) go Swimming
  • Peppa goes to (your child)’s Party


We chose the playgroup book as it was the one that I thought Jessica would most identify with.


Jessica and Peppa go to Playgroup book cover

As well as your child’s name, you can add a personalised message inside the book. You can personalise the gender, hair colour and style, skin colour and eye colour for your child’s character. Glasses can also be added.


Delivery of the book was nice and quick. We received our copy a couple of days after ordering it. Jessica was very excited when she realised that her new Peppa Pig book was all about her as well. The story was all about Jessica’s first day at playgroup with Peppa Pig and her friends. It describes how she gets on with various activities throughout the day. It is bright and colourful and beautifully illustrated throughout. Most of Peppa’s friends feature in the story too which made Jessica very happy. She loved pointing to the picture of herself in the story and saying “Jessica and Peppa!”


The story was just about the right length for our bedtime story. I suspect that it may well end up being our bedtime story each night for the next few nights as Jessica loved it so much. It also came with a colouring sheet version of the front cover. This was a nice touch. Jessica really enjoyed having a picture of herself and Peppa Pig to colour in.


Jessica colouring in the picture of her and Peppa

Overall, a lovely book which is perfect for little fans of Peppa Pig. With Jessica’s birthday coming up in a couple of months’ time I suspect I will be ordering “Peppa goes to Jessica’s party” in the near future too!


Disclosure: I received a personalised copy of this book FOC in order to review it but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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