Review – Once Upon A Time… Online

What happens when a whole host of fairy tale characters go online? Does Cinderella still need the assistance of her Fairy Godmother even when technology can help her go to the ball? With all the wonders that the internet can bring, what can possibly go wrong?


We were recently sent a copy of the children’s book Once Upon A Time… Online by David Bedford and Rosie Reeves which mixes up some of the traditional fairy tales and adds a modern twist. When a parcel containing a laptop comes tumbling down from the beanstalk one day, Jack and a whole host of other fairy tale characters have the chance to make their wishes come true with the help of technology. Cinderella goes shopping online for a ball dress, Rapunzel finds a new way to see her prince and Little Red Riding Hood navigates through the wood with the help of her new phone. All seems perfect in fairy tale land at first but then the characters start to realise that there is a flip side to going online.  Thankfully, Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother is on hand to solve the problems and to keep a watchful eye over any future internet access!

Review - Once Upon A Time... Online

This book is the perfect introduction to online safety for children aged around 3-5, with the reminder of the importance of supervised online access, and asking a grown-up before going online. The stories of each of the fairy tale characters in the book were already well-known by my girls. Each character was easily recognisable from the illustrations and the girls loved hearing about how each of them used the laptop. The Big Bad Wolf using it for gaming online was a particular highlight!

Two pages from Once Upon A Time... Online with Jack showing Cinderella the laptop, and Cinderella becoming the first fairy tale online shopper

Both my girls love using Daddy’s iPad to play games and watch videos but they know that they are only allowed to use certain apps. Once Upon A Time… Online was a good way of helping to explain a little more about why we restrict their screen time and the apps they can use. The girls mostly enjoyed it though as just a fun story about some of their favourite fairy tale characters and it’s been requested a few times now as one of our bedtime reads.



Once Upon A Time… Online is available in paperback for £6.99 on Amazon

Disclaimer:  We were sent a copy of the book to review from Parragon Books.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.


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6 thoughts on “Review – Once Upon A Time… Online

    1. It’s certainly something that worries me – the book was a great way to help explain a little about why internet safety is important x

    1. Thanks Catherine – we enjoyed reading it and always good to have something that helps explain online safety in a way that children will understand 🙂

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