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We’ve used a few Munchkin products over the years – Grippy Dots in the bath, soft tip spoons for weaning and the travel booster seat for eating out. We were recently sent a selection of baby and toddler items from Munchkin to try out.  Although my girls are a little older than the target age range for the products we were sent, we enjoyed trying them out.  Here’s what we thought.

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GoTM Folding Placemat

This clever folding silicone placemat helps to keep mess contained at meal times.  I loved the rubbery texture of the mat which meant it stayed in place on the table.  The silicone surface also helped grip cups and plates and reduce the risk of spillage.  When a cup did get knocked over, the mat contained the water well and made it easier to clear up.  Once the meal is over, the mat can be folded up with the mess contained (make sure you mop up spilled water first though – that was less well contained!) and carried to the kitchen to be cleaned off in the sink or top shelf of the dishwasher.

The Go Folding placement - top photo shows the placemat and the second one has spilled food and drink on it.


My girls loved the whale design of the mat and were quite fascinated by it folding up – they had a lot of fun opening and closing it! They did also attempt to make “butterfly pictures” with their food though – putting it on the mat, folding the mat up and patting the food down! Very messy – and thankfully all contained within the mat!


Pushchair Organiser Plus

The pushchair organiser plus is a handy bag which attaches to a pushchair (using the velcro straps on the bag) and has just enough space for all the essentials.  The expandable back pocket has space for a few nappies and there is a pocket for the wipes container at the front of the bag.  This was very handy as it saved having to root around inside the bag when needing to grab a wipe quickly when out and about.  I did find that the wipes container did fall out easily when pushing the pushchair on uneven ground though.

Top photo - the main compartment of the Pushchair Organiser Plus showing drinks and space for snacks and the bottom photo showing the Puschair Organiser Plus attached to a buggy with the mobile phone pocket at the top


The main compartment has two insulated areas for cups or bottles and a central area big enough for a purse, keys and some snacks.  At the top of the bag is a touch-sensitive pocket for a smartphone.  I liked the idea of having a touch-sensitive pocket for the phone – however with it being on top of the bag and in full view, it felt very exposed.  It made me worried about the possibility of having my phone stolen if I took my eyes off my bag for a split second – easy to do when out and about with two small children running off in different directions.


The velcro straps can be put together to convert the bag into a tote bag – I found that the strap was too short for this to be comfortable to carry though.


Overall, I liked the fact that it attached to the pushchair and the easily accessible wipes compartment.  The phone pocket would have been better if it hadn’t been quite so much in view though.  The size of the bag is good for short trips out and about but wouldn’t be big enough for everything I need to have for a full day out.


Miracle® 360 Deco Sippy Cup

Both my girls like to take a drink to bed with them.  As the cups usually end up somewhere in the bed, a good non-spill cup is essential.  Trying to find a cup that doesn’t leak and is easy to clean has been quite tricky.  Thankfully. this cup so far is meeting my requirements.  The girls needed a little assistance to get the hang of drinking from this cup but once they got to grips with it, they loved it.  The silicon insert in the top of the cup means that children can sip water all around the rim but it seals once they have stopped drinking.  It’s easy to remove for cleaning and doesn’t leak (unless the button in the middle is pressed which doesn’t tend to happen anyway).  We also loved the bird design on the cup.

Four photos - top left looking at the Miracle 360 sippy cup from the front with the bird design visible; top right - showing the lid of the sippy cup and the 360 degree rim; bottom left - the insert removed from the lid of the sippy cup; bottom right - Sophie drinking from the Miracle 360 sippy cup


HeartsTM Bath Toy

These five heart shaped cups were a big hit with my girls at bathtime! They had lots of fun pouring water from one cup to another; filling them with bubbles.  There were negotiations over which colours each could have when sharing them and both girls liked nesting the cups together in order and counting the numbers on them as they did so.  The fact that the cups nest together also means they take up less space amongst all the other bath toys which is a bonus!

Hearts Bath Toy - top left - the hearts nested together; top right - the five heart cups laid out; bottom - the heart cups on the edge of the bath filled with bubbles

We were sent the products from Munchkin for the purposes of this review.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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