Review – WizMops 2 in 1 Spray Mop with Window Cleaner

I’ve used a mop with a microfibre pad for a few years now. The pads are easy to remove and clean and the mop takes up very little space in my kitchen. One thing I do find annoying though is having to carry a bucket of floor cleaning solution from room to room when mopping. I was recently invited to review a WizMops 2 in 1 spray mop which takes away the need for a bucket.


The WizMops 2 in 1 spray mop with spare microfibre pad and window cleaner attachment


The mop comes with two microfibre pads (one already attached to the mop base plus a spare) and a window cleaner attachment. The handle is in two parts and was easy to put together. There is a refillable 600ml bottle attached to the lower handle.


The refillable bottle was easy to remove, fill and reattach to the mop. There is a clip to hold it in place. After I attached the bottle, I just pressed the red spray handle to spray the floor cleaner on the floor and then mopped as normal.


The spray mop with the bottle filled with floor cleaning solution


The mop is lightweight and easy to use. The microfibre pad swivels around to help get in all the nooks and crannies. It did a good job of lifting the dirt off the floor. I found I used less water with the bottle than I would have done with a bucket. This also meant that the floors dried more quickly as well.


Once I had finished mopping the floors, I just emptied the bottle, rinsed it out and then reattached it. The microfibre pad is easy to remove and pop in the washing machine. It can be reused for up to 100 washes. The mop itself is compact and easy to store. Mine lives in the gap between the fridge and a cupboard.


Removing the microfibre pad from the base of the mop


There is also a window cleaner attachment so you can use the mop for cleaning windows too. I found this particularly useful for my hallway window which is high up and difficult for me to clean properly. The window cleaning head is a little tricky to use on small windows as the window handle tends to get in the way but it did a good job of cleaning the window without leaving streaky marks.


Cleaning a small window with the window cleaning attachment on the spray mop


Overall, this is a great mop – lightweight, easy to use and compact. It saves on having to carry buckets around and uses less water overall. I find it much better to use than my old microfibre mop.


The WizMops 2 in 1 spray mop has a RRP of £29.95 although is currently available on Amazon for £15.95. WizMops are also are offering my readers a 15% discount on the spray mop when ordering through Amazon. The coupon code to enter is 15OFFWIZ


I received a complimentary 2 in 1 spray mop for the purposes of this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Prices correct at the time of publishing this post.

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