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The Toddlebike2 is a pre-balance bike aimed at toddlers to help bridge the gap between baby ride-on toys and moving on to balance bikes and scooters.  It can be used from when a toddler is confident with walking –around 18 months.  At almost three, Sophie is right at the upper end of the target age range for the Toddlebike2 but she has been having a wonderful time trying it out.

Sophie at the park with her Toddlebike2 - with the text "Review and giveaway - Toddlebike2"

I loved her excited reaction as soon as she spotted it in the hallway, all ready for a trip to the park: “Mummy, look, it’s a bicycle! My bicycle, Mummy!” She could hardly wait to get out of the door and start riding it.  She was very confident sitting on the bike and pushing herself along with her feet although she didn’t quite get the hang of steering on the first go, and tended to lift the bike up and turn it in the direction she wanted to go in.

Sophie riding her Toddlebike2 at the park

There were a few times when I needed to bend down and help her steer en route to the park – with the seat being just 20cm high, and the handlebar just a little higher, it wasn’t the most comfortable way of manoeuvring the Toddlebike!  It is the perfect height for a toddler to ride, just not the perfect height for a Mummy to steer!


Carrying it though was a dream.  One of the things that has always put me off going to the park with bikes has been the prospect of having to carry them part (or all!) of the way (particularly if I am taking both girls to the park on my own).  The Toddlebike2 is incredibly light – weighing just 0.8kg – and very easy to carry.  So easy to carry in fact, that Sophie ended up carrying it most of the way home herself!  Win-win!

Sophie carrying the Toddlebike2

Although the Toddlebike is very lightweight, it is very well-designed and is surprisingly sturdy.  I did notice a little bit of flex in the plastic when it was being steered rather enthusiastically around corners but it coped well with some very bumpy pavements and Sophie riding it across the longish grass in our front garden.  The only disadvantage with the lightness of the bike is that it tended to make its own way across the park when the wind blew if Sophie wasn’t riding it at the time – we had to make sure it was parked against a bench to stop it rolling away.


It is easy to clean and can be used indoors and outside.  Even my five-year old daughter has been having fun riding it up and down the hallway.

Sophie riding the Toddlebike2 down the hallway

I also took it along to our weekly toddler group to see how some of the younger children enjoyed it.  It proved to be a big hit with the two-year olds making a beeline for it and there were a few disputes over having to share it – once the children were on it, they weren’t too keen on stopping to let someone else have a go!  One little girl was quite disappointed that she couldn’t get to take it home with her!  All the children who tried it had no problem getting to grips with riding it and they all seemed to enjoy riding it.

Sophie riding the Toddlebike2 at toddler group

It’s certainly become an essential item to take along to the park and it’s lovely to see Sophie whizzing along on it and enjoying herself.  She might be at the upper end of the target age range, but I can see her enjoying it for a while yet.


The Toddlebike2 is available from the Toddlebike2 website for £23.95.  There are three colours available – Racing Red, Midnight Blue and Pinky Pink.

The Toddlebike2

I am offering one lucky reader the chance to win a Toddlebike2 in their choice of colour.  To be in with a chance to win, you can enter the competition using the Gleam form below. The competition is open to UK entrants and ends on 6th November 2016 at 11.59PM.  Good luck!

Disclaimer: I received a Toddlebike2 for the purposes of the review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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  1. Racing Red without a doubt- my little on would adore zooming about on this! Cheers 🙂

  2. Midnight blue for my youngest son who is itching to join his big brothers when they are on their bikes

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