Parenthood: the ups and downs

Parenthood can be such a joy, but such a challenge too!
One moment is blissful, the next full of stress;
As fast as you tidy, they’re making a mess,
Some days you feel in control; on others just muddling through.


Weekend mornings with snuggles in bed: life seems quite sublime.
But when it’s a week day: no chance to be lazy;
Rushing here, there and everywhere, the atmosphere crazy:
“Quick put your shoes on!” “Get out of the house!” “Good heavens, is that the time?”


When siblings play nicely, it’s lovely to watch – what a beautiful bond they share!
What fun they are having there playing together;
But it can change just as quickly as our summer weather,
And end up with bickering, fighting and pulling of hair.


Going out as a family can be such a joy – what a great way to spend the day!
Let’s take the kid’s scooters for them to use;
But fifty yards in and they suddenly refuse
To ride any more; leaving you to carry them the rest of the way.


Meal times are brilliant when the food is enjoyed: well done for clearing your plate!
And then there are times when try as you might,
You can’t even persuade them to eat just one bite,
And their favourite food yesterday is now the thing they seem to hate.


And finally bedtime – time to wind down as another day comes to an end;
Bathtime and story-time, big hugs and a kiss;
Now please settle down: but the children resist,
And find reasons to delay sleep whilst sending you right round the bend.


In spite of the challenges, I wouldn’t change anything – I’m lucky these kids are mine.
The sound of their laughter brings me so much pleasure;
The fun moments bring memories that I’ll always treasure;
And the tough days can often be eased thanks to chocolate and wine!

Two little girls looking into a mirror with the text "Parenthood: the ups and downs"



12 thoughts on “Parenthood: the ups and downs

    1. Thanks Caroline – they are lovely really, but yes definitely have the ability to drive us crazy! 🙂

  1. Ah love your poems! So good and true! The food thing and bedtime drives me potty too. Usually not too often though. I can’t believe I’ll be thinking about this with two! Xx #twinklytuesday

    1. Thanks Sarah – the challenges definitely change with two but you do get used to the new normal reasonably quickly.

  2. Another of your wonderful rhyming poems and it sums up parenting of young children so well. I love the ending! Popping by today from #TwinklyTuesday

    1. Thank you Fiona – I wanted to make sure I focused on the positives as well as the challenges!

  3. Aw Louise this is gorgeous!! You’ve captured parenting perfectly and yes…the wine and chocolate after bedtime always help me wind down. Hope you’re all well. Tor xx #TwinklyTuesday

  4. Love the poem! So true too. Sometimes they behave, sometimes they act like actual animals. It’s all part of this crazy parenting gig. 🙂 #twinklytuesday

  5. Part of the food is so true, sometimes i don´t know if laugh or cry, being a mom is a beautiful experience full of many challenges but we must have a balance between madness and order, thanks Louise for describing parenthood with words as accurate.

  6. Yes to all of this! Especially the bedtime bit! How many times does one child need to roll over before he finally nods off?! Lovely poem. Thanks for linking up with #TwinklyTuesday

  7. Hi Louise, our life like moms is so chaotic but i don´t change by nothing my work, diapers, cook and smiles of my babies and husband, is true not every day are calm but we are very happy in our mess, I love how you write is very nice the way to describe this role in our lifes.


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