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Most people who know me would agree that gardening is not a skill which comes naturally to me. I have never had a lot of success with plants – pot plants (with the exception of aloe vera which seems to be virtually indestructible) usually meet with a swift demise. I have managed to keep an orchid that I received for my birthday last year alive and flowering (although the two I then subsequently received for Mother’s Day weren’t quite so lucky). Our garden is in the process of having most of the shrubs removed so that we can grass most of it over and create more space for the girls to play in. I do have a couple of ‘Pretty Jessica’ roses though that I planted after Jessica’s birth (and am intending to find some roses to plant for Sophie) but otherwise have yet to develop much of an interest in gardening.

However, as one of Jessica’s birthday presents was a little gardening basket containing a trowel, a watering can and an apron plus some pretty flower pots and some pansies to go in the pots, I thought I should at least try and encourage her to enjoy gardening and so we sat down together to re-pot the pansies.

Pansy potting 01

Pansy potting 02

Jessica enjoyed helping put the pansies in the pots and adding a little more compost but her favourite bit was watering them after they had been potted. She did then try to take the pansies for a ride down her slide which perhaps didn’t do them very much good and Mummy had to put the back in the pots again!

Pansy potting 03

We’ve put them on the window sill in the hope that we can manage to keep them alive. A week on, two are looking distinctly droopy but the others seem to be okay so far!

Pansy potting 04

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19 thoughts on “Pansy potting

  1. Have to admit I’m pretty much death to house plants too, and have no idea what I am doing in the garden. But, the kids love planting things, so I give it a go and some things actually grow 🙂 Love pansies, good luck with them 🙂 #CountryKids

  2. I only have a couple of house-plants which are remarkably hardy! I do like gardening outside, though, and do OK keeping things alive out there! It’s a lovely gift to get a child interested in x

    1. Yes, am hoping she will continue to enjoy it. I have better luck in the garden too – perhaps its because Mother Nature does most of the watering for me! 🙂

  3. She looks soo adorable in those photos. We really need to do more gardening. Had a disaster of a year with slugs eating our courgettes this year.

  4. I too have a few extremely hardy houseplants! I have a hit and miss success with gardening but I do enjoy it and, as Jocelyn says, it’s a lovely gift to pass on to children.

    1. Definitely agree that a love of being outdoors and gardening is to be encouraged – hopefully we will manage to keep those pansies alive! 🙂

  5. I love the little flower pot kit as a way to get started. the brightly coloured pots and tools look really eye catching. I hope they all make it, don’t forget to water! thank you for sharing some cute photos of your fun over on Country Kids

  6. Oh gosh that is so so cute, you have the loveliest little gardener. I am so rubbish with plants, I’ve just killed a rose plant about a week ago :-/

    1. Thank you – I think she is adorable too! I’m rubbish with plants too – managed to kill off a rosemary bush once, they’re usually quite resilient! :-/

  7. Ha, taking them for a ride down the slide did make me laugh! Look forward to seeing the fruits of your labours as they continue to grow! #countrykids

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