Me and you – September

It’s been another month where finding time for us as a couple has very much taken a back seat to the demands of day-to-day life. We had a few days away together as a family towards the end of August and enjoyed celebrating Jessica’s third birthday a couple of weeks ago but other than this, it feels very much like we have been ships passing in the night. September is always a busy month for hubby with a lot of events planned which means he is away a lot or when he is home, he leaves early and gets home late and often I am already asleep by the time he comes home.

Me and You Sept 01

This month’s photos are from a brief moment together just sitting on the sofa and watching TV together. These moments have been few and far between recently. I’m looking forward to things winding down again next month and to being able to have a little more time together.

Me and You Sept 02

We do have a spa day planned for the beginning of November though – which will be the first time we have had a day for us as a couple since before Jessica arrived – well over three years ago. Jessica and Sophie will have a lovely day with Grandma and Grandad I am sure, and I am so looking forward to just being able to sit and relax and be ‘us’ for a few hours.


Joining in with Lucy at dearbeautiful and the Me and You photo project:


dear beautiful

4 thoughts on “Me and you – September

  1. I gave up ages ago on the Me&You. I just kept forgetting. These pics are lovely of you and hubby. Very natural

  2. What lovely photos! It is hard to find time to spend together as a couple once you have kids isn’t it? It’s easy to let everything else come first. The spa day sounds like an excellent plan – have fun! xxx

    1. Thank you – this is why I try and make the effort to do this each month – even if it’s just a quick selfie of the two of us, it means I do take the time to think about us as a couple and remember what makes us tick as ‘us’. Can’t wait for the spa day! 🙂

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