A day out visiting Packwood House and Baddesley Clinton

Getting National Trust membership a couple of years ago was one of the best decisions we’ve made. There are so many lovely places to visit around the country and it’s always a good choice for a day out exploring with my family. I visited Baddesley Clinton with the girls last year and loved it. Packwood House is just a couple of miles away. We decided to visit both on the same day.


A view of the Packwood House - "A day out visiting Packwood House and Baddesley Clinton"


Both properties were built during the Elizabethan era in around the 1570s. Packwood House was originally home to the Fetherston family who were yeomen farmers. It was extensively refurbished and transformed into a Tudor country house in the 1920s and 1930s by Graham Baron Ash before being given to the National Trust in 1941.


We hadn’t been to Packwood House before. It was a busy day to visit, being a beautiful warm sunny August Bank Holiday Monday. We headed for the kitchen garden first where the pretty play house kept the girls busy for quite a while. Their imaginations soon turned it into a café. They had lots of fun serving the toys with food and drink. Hubby and I enjoyed sitting in the sunshine with the girls occasionally bringing us a pretend cup of tea.


Jessica setting up some play food on a bench outside the play house in the kitchen garden at Packwood House


The kitchen garden was pretty, but the paths were a little tricky to navigate with the buggy as they were quite narrow. This turned out to be the case on most of the paths around the house and gardens. It wouldn’t have been quite so bad on a quieter day. There were times though that it seemed there were streams of people coming in the opposite direction and it was hard work trying to make our way around at times.


Sophie and Jessica walking through the kitchen garden


The yew garden was a little quieter though. We took the route around the edge of the orchard to avoid the steps. Jessica and Sophie had a wonderful time playing hide and seek in amongst the trees. I wasn’t all that keen on the topiary though – I like my trees to look a little more natural! The yew gardens are also very fragile. It felt like I spent most of the time there telling the girls not to touch the trees in case they damaged them. I enjoyed the view of the garden from the top of the spiral path more than being in the garden itself! The spiral path isn’t buggy-friendly but Jessica was happy to walk.


Jessica and Sophie playing hide and seek amongst the yew trees at Packwood House


Me, Jessica and Sophie at the top of the spiral path at Packwood House



We also found the café wasn’t very buggy-friendly either. It’s a typical problem of places on very busy days though. People move chairs and tables all over the place without thinking about whether it blocks access for others. We eventually found some space to sit near a tree outside. I sent hubby in to get food as I was starting to get hangry and stressed!


Baddesley Clinton from the courtyard of the house


I have to confess that although Packwood House was very pretty, it was a relief to get in the car and head down the road to Baddesley Clinton. Out of all the National Trust properties I have visited so far, this one is my favourite. It’s such a beautiful place to visit. Although it’s quite small, it feels like there is plenty of space to move about in. I love the Elizabethan house with the surrounding moat, the entrance through the gatehouse and the pretty courtyard.


The view over the lake at Baddesley Clinton


Me with Sophie asleep in the Tula on my back and Jessica asleep in the buggy at Baddesley Clinton


Two National Trust places in one day were perhaps a little too much for the rest of my family though. At one point I had Sophie asleep on my back, Jessica asleep in the buggy and hubby dozing on a bench! I quite enjoyed sitting and relaxing while everyone else had forty winks.


Me with Sophie asleep on my back, Jessica asleep in the buggy and hubby dozing on a bench


Hubby with Jessica and Sophie at the gatehouse entrance to Baddesley Clinton


We did manage a little walk around the grounds though and Jessica and Sophie woke up by the time we got back to the house again. They had fun playing with the big connect-4 game and giant Jenga on the lawn. It was the perfect way to end a lovely August bank holiday weekend.


Jessica and Sophie playing giant connect-4 at Baddesley Clinton


Jessica and Sophie playing giant Jenga at Baddesley Clinton


I’ve since discovered that there is a children’s play trail at Baddesley Clinton. Hopefully we’ll come back again next summer and get to explore it then.

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22 thoughts on “A day out visiting Packwood House and Baddesley Clinton

  1. Oh it’s such a shame that Packwood isn’t very buggy friendly. It looks like you had a great time at Baddesley Clinton though and hopefully you’ll be back soon to explore the play area.

    1. It was a shame as it’s a beautiful place but on a busy day it was quite frustrating for us to try and get around with the buggy.

  2. What a busy day you had, exploring two National Trust properties in one day is certainly good going! Both Baddesley Clinton and Packwood House look like such beautiful places to explore, even if they were both quite busy that day. Love the shot of the 4 of them napping whilst you enjoyed the peace and quiet, it’s clear everyone had made the most of the open spaces to wear themselves out.

    Thanks for sharing your adventures with me on #CountryKids.

    1. It was lovely to be able to explore two places in one day even if it did wear everyone else out! I couldn’t resist taking a photo with everyone else sleeping 🙂

    1. Packwood House would be easier without a buggy although we had no problem getting around at Baddesley Clinton.

  3. We have a NT membership too and it’s been a fantastic investment! It’s a shame the first house wasn’t buggy friendly but the day as a whole looks fabulous. #countrykids

    1. It is such good value. The first house was lovely but would have been better for us on a quieter day.

    1. The girls loved the yew trees – they had so much fun playing hide and seek around them 🙂

  4. It’s a shame the paths weren’t buggy friendly. It looks like a beautiful place to explore. I love the giant games. #countrykids

    1. Baddesley Clinton was much easier with the buggy. I think we would have enjoyed Packwood House more on a quieter day though.

  5. The lure of the national trust is high for me but what puts us off getting membership is the lack of properties near us in the north west. I’d love walking in the gardens etc etc if I had some closer. We keep saying we will get it one year and really tour the country to get a lot in one year! Loving the picture of all 3 asleep on the bench, totally lovely!! #countrykids

    1. It’s a shame there aren’t more properties near you – it is well worth the money if there are nearby places to visit x

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