#NHS66 – Thank you NHS!

Today is the NHS’s 66th birthday. The Big Up The NHS campaign started in August 2013 on Twitter. This campaign aims to counteract the huge amount of negative stories about the NHS in the media, raise the profile of the NHS, help improve morale of those who work within the NHS and help improve patient experiences. It is my belief that unless we fight to save the NHS, it is heading towards being privatised. The NHS might have its faults but it is the only health service in the world that is completely free at the point of need and it provides an excellent service to many. I’m thankful for the NHS because:


1) Without the NHS I wouldn’t be here today

Me in an incubator when I was a newborn baby

My twin and I were born two months early, weighing in at 3lb each. We spent six weeks in the neonatal unit before we were able to go home. There were moments when the doctors warned our parents that they might not get to take both of us home. Thanks to the care and dedication of the staff on the neonatal unit, we are both here today and both very healthy. Thank you NHS.


2) Without the NHS, my eldest daughter would not be here today

Jessica on PICU just before her first open heart surgery

From being willing to take a chance and carry out pioneering in-utero surgery to the amazing skills of the cardiac surgeons who have carried out open-heart surgery several times on Jessica and the wonderful care of the medical staff on the intensive care unit and cardiac ward. We are forever grateful to everyone who has been involved in Jessica’s care. Without them she really wouldn’t be here today. We have spent weeks in hospital and had many, many clinic appointments in various hospital departments. Jessica will need more surgery in the future and follow-up care and various medications for the rest of her life. We’d never have been able to afford to pay for the care she has had privately. The thought that perhaps one day a health insurance company will dictate whether Jessica can have funding for further treatment is one that really worries me. Throughout all the time we have spent in hospital, we have seen the hard work and dedication of many doctors, midwives, nurses and other healthcare staff. Many of them have given above and beyond in order to provide the best care they can. Thank you to them all.


Happy 66th birthday NHS – let’s hope you are still here in another 66 years.


Are you thankful for the NHS? Let me know by posting a comment below – let’s celebrate and share some positive stories about this wonderful institution 🙂

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