An Ode To CBeebies

Hey, hey are you ready to play?
Oh joy, it’s the Tweenies – I wish they’d go away!
But my toddler shrieks with excitement: I know
just how much she loves watching Bella and co.
Now here’s Mr Tumble – he’s waving hello
Time for the magic – watch the spotty bag go
off to Justin and friends – is the Tumble Tapp here?
Well if you can see it, please wave or cheer!
It’s time to sign – my toddlers’ hands are poised ready
Learning the signs for train, boat or teddy
Mister Maker’s up next – but is it just me
who thinks the kid helping looks bored as can be?
(I wish Mister Maker would give him something to do
Other than just passing the paper and glue)
Well my toddler just loves it, out comes the craft box
Today we’ll be making some puppets from socks
Oh look, time for dressing up – here comes Let’s Play
(I’ll have ‘let it be me’ stuck in my head now all day!)
But little one’s watching the screen with fascination
As we enter a world full of imagination
As the day ends – the bedtime hour starts on CBeebies
Waybaloo first – with the Piplings and Cheebies
Doing their yogo: my toddler stretches and bends
Now we’re in the Night Garden with Igglepiggle and friends
Upsy Daisy is dancing whilst Makka Pakka cleans faces
And all round the garden the Ninky Nonk races
Go to sleep little Pontipines; the bedtime story is read
At last the TV goes off – it’s now time for bed


An Ode to CBeebies - Little Hearts, Big Love

(A disclaimer now: one thing I would like to say:
The TV is switched off for most of the day
Watching it now and again is just fine
But we’d rather go out and enjoy the sunshine).
Could we live without it? Sometimes it drives me demented
There are days when I wish it had not been invented
And then there are times when the TV’s ideal
for providing distraction, like when I’m cooking a meal
So no, the TV is something we can’t live with out
But it’s good to switch off and get out and about

© Louise George – 4th July 2014


Joining in with mumturnedmom for this week’s prompt: “TV: could you live without it?


Also linking in with Verily Victoria Vocalises for Prose for Thought and Let’s Talk Mommy for Share with Me:
Prose for Thought


26 thoughts on “An Ode To CBeebies

  1. Love it! 🙂 Great poem and like you I think that TV is fine in moderation. #ThePrompt

  2. Love this! I actually miss CBeebies, no adverts 🙂 I now record episodes of my 2yo’s favourites so that I can skip the adverts for her! I think that TV is absolutely fine as part of a day that has lots of other activities too. And frankly, by the end of the day my lot are often so tired from all the other things that they have been doing that chilling out in front of the TV is just what’s needed. Thanks so much for linking to #ThePrompt x

    1. The lack of adverts is one of my favourite things about CBeebies too. TV definitely has its good points. Lovely to join in with #theprompt again 🙂

    1. Thank you – we love CBeebies too! Glad you liked my poem, was fun writing it 🙂

  3. Spot on! But I would be lost without CBeebies to help me drink that hot cup of tea #theprompt

  4. Ah yes! Perfect! And I know EXACTLY what you mean about ‘let it be me’ being stuck in your head allll day. lol #ThePrompt

    1. Thank you – glad you liked it and yes, “let it be me” is a nightmare for getting stuck in your head! 🙂

  5. Brilliant! I have no idea who most of those characters are but, I’m sure they’re all fine in moderation 🙂

    1. Thank you – although even in moderation they still get into my head too much for my liking, lol! 🙂

  6. Haha, fab poem….Its so bad when I realise Cbeebies is on and there is no child in the room, only me! x

  7. Brilliant! Im now going to have ‘let it be me’ going round my head too! We only have it on for short periods but it’s amazing how they stick in your memory, as well as your child’s 🙂

  8. Perfect! My daughter still loves to watch CBeebies and those songs do stick, I find myself singing them all the time! #sharewithme

  9. I absolutely love this poem. Way to go you! Couldn’t have said it better and match it perfect to cbeebies. We have never watched it at home but I know through friends of the songs and shows that are all so popular with the kids. I guess my kids are really missing out. lol Thanks for linking up to Share With Me. I love poetry so it’s great to read others insights on parenting things through it. #sharewithme

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