My Sunday Photo 18/03/18

Sophie getting close to one of the penguins at Chessington


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  1. March 18, 2018 / 7:28 am

    Hi Louise, what a cute photo. It looks like the penguin would love to have a belly scratch.


  2. March 18, 2018 / 11:34 am

    Aww that’s such a sweet and cute photo. Love it xx

  3. March 18, 2018 / 5:27 pm

    so cute! i love penguins! #mysundayphoto

  4. March 18, 2018 / 5:33 pm

    Aww! What a sweet photo. It looks like she’s having a great time x

  5. March 18, 2018 / 5:51 pm

    So cute! We went to an animal park this weekend & fed kangaroos! #MySundayPhoto

  6. March 19, 2018 / 6:23 pm

    Cute photo… Is this from Chessington Zoo? I hope you have many more moments captured over the year there. #MySundayPhoto

  7. March 20, 2018 / 10:11 am

    It’s lovely to see them discovering all about the world around them #mysundayphoto

  8. March 21, 2018 / 1:21 pm

    I love this, it looks like there is no glass between them

    Thank you for linking up to #MySundayPhoto

  9. March 21, 2018 / 7:04 pm

    Aww, she’s made a friend. Do you think it liked pink? 🙂 #MySundayPhoto

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