My Favourite Smells

The smell of freshly washed hair gives me a sense of bliss
As I give both my babies a tender bedtime kiss
The warm damp smell they have when from sleep they awake
The smell of a baguette that’s been freshly baked
The sweet scent of a baby when it’s newly born
My husband’s favourite aftershave and coffee in the morn
Freshly cut grass, newly washed clothes on the line
The roses blooming there in the bright sunshine
The smell of a swimming pool on a hot summer’s day
Or the salty air on the beach while the children play
The fragrance of the garden after a little shower of rain
My mother’s talcum powder: I’m a little girl again
Hints of smoke in the air as the autumn leaves tumble
Christmas turkey roasting and the smell of apple crumble
Each of these fragrances brings a sense of pleasure
Evoking happy memories and moments to treasure

© Louise George – 9th June 2014

My favourite smells - Little Hearts, Big Love

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2 thoughts on “My Favourite Smells

  1. What a wonderful list of smells; just woken babies and freshly washed hair… lovely 🙂 Gorgeous poem, it has a lovely rhythm to it and such evocative scents. Thanks so much for linking to #ThePrompt x

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