From the mouths of babes #117 – Trying to be the mummy…

From the mouths of babes is a weekly linky which invites you to share a post, old or new, about something your children have said. Those adorable mispronounced words, the glimpses into their imaginations, the blunt observations – whatever it is, I’d love to hear about it!


Thank you to everyone who linked up last week. After the Rain made me chuckle with her story about her daughter getting cross when her parents decided to follow the sat-nav’s directions instead of hers and then brought a lump to my throat sharing a moment of compassion too. I also loved Conversations with Hank’s post sharing an encounter in a shop where Hank stood up for gender equality because to him, that is the norm. I hope that it will become the norm in the world our children grow up in.


Jessica giving the camera a big grin - "From the mouths of babes #117 - Trying to be the mummy..."

I often find those first few minutes after arriving home from school or a day out a little stressful. I’m nearly always trying to juggle several things at once whilst trying to open the door, help the children off with coats and meet the various demands that seem to come the instant we walk in the door. Keeping my patience is a challenge. Sometimes the children pick up on this.


Me: (trying to juggle coats and bags and get the kids out of the car at the same time)

Jessica: (thrusting a toy at me)” Mummy, take this! Mummy, take this! Mummy, take this!”

Me: (gritting my teeth) “Jessica, I have one pair of hands…!”

Jessica: (through gritted teeth) “Okay, Mummy!”


Jessica has moments of being a slightly bossy big sister, telling Sophie what to do. Sometimes, she likes to tell Mummy what to do too.

“Mummy, you need to potty train Sophie!”

Yes, I know. Unfortunately, Sophie is not so keen on this process at the moment. Full-blown potty training will be on the cards in the summer if the gentle encouragement approach that we’re adopting at the moment hasn’t worked.



If you have any posts about something that your children have been saying lately, please do come and link up. The linky opens each Monday from 6am and closes on Friday at 11pm so there is plenty of time to link up your posts (old and new posts are welcome!). Please add the badge below to your post so others know where they can also link up (the badge code is below). I will also try and share posts via Twitter – please use the hashtag #ftmob and I’ll do my best to retweet them. I also have a Pinterest board and will be sharing posts here too.

Looking forward to reading what your little ones have been saying!


Little Hearts, Big Love
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2 thoughts on “From the mouths of babes #117 – Trying to be the mummy…

  1. Thank you for highlighting my post (and sorry for the delay in commenting). I quite often ask Freya how many hands I have when she’s asking me to do 15 things at once. Good luck with the potty training. I think you’re taking exactly the right approach, for what it’s worth ( even if Jessica doesn’t agree. Hehe).

    1. Thank you Tara. I sometimes think it would be good to be an octopus – I’m sure my children think I have just as many hands as one sometimes! 🙂

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