From the mouths of babes #116 – But where was I, Mummy?

From the mouths of babes is a weekly linky which invites you to share a post, old or new, about something your children have said. Those adorable mispronounced words, the glimpses into their imaginations, the blunt observations – whatever it is, I’d love to hear about it!


Me and hubby in church on our wedding day - "From the mouths of babes #116 - But where was I, Mummy?"


Jessica loves to watch “the Mummy and Daddy video” – otherwise known as our wedding video. She loves to see me in my “pretty white princess dress” and enjoys trying to spot people she knows in the church congregation. She always comments on seeing her cousins “when they were little girls” in their flower girl dresses but can’t work out why she and Sophie aren’t there.


“Maybe I’m with Jenny” (our Junior Church leader)

I try to explain that she and Sophie weren’t born but she can’t quite grasp this.

“I know! Maybe I was at Peppa Pig World!”


One of her favourite bits is watching Mummy and Daddy do their first dance. She made me quite tearful the other day when she told me: “One day, I’m going to wear a pretty white dress like Mummy and dance with my daddy.”


Yes, my darling, I do hope so. I hope that one day I will get to see you doing just that.



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Looking forward to reading what your little ones have been saying!


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8 thoughts on “From the mouths of babes #116 – But where was I, Mummy?

  1. Aww beautiful wedding pics. What a gorgeous dress. Freya says the same. It seems like before her just doesn’t compute 🙂

    1. Thank you Tara. My sister made my dress for me. It is hard for little ones to grasp the concept of there being a time before they were here.

    1. Thanks Caroline – I can understand the questions – it’s such a hard concept to grasp. Sorry for the confusion – I forgot to add the code when I first posted!

  2. It’s adorable. Our eldest understands as he remembers a time before his siblings. The funniest thing it though when they’ve seen photos and get the photo and their memory mixed up. Anthony is totally convinced he saw us get married, but I’m pretty sure he’s remembering the DVD or photos. Funny isn’t it.

    1. I think it is easier to understand if they can remember a time before their siblings. Jessica doesn’t really remember the time before Sophie was here. I think we all can get mixed up between what a real memories and what are the result of seeing photos or videos or DVDs. I am sure some of my “memories” from my childhood result from seeing old photos or having heard stories about those moments when I was growing up rather than being real memories.

  3. Louise,

    You don’t look any different nowadays!
    People’s changing perspectives on time are interesting:
    Jessica can’t yet come to terms with “before I was born”.
    We find it hard to believe that a new generation has grown up since we did such-and-such a thing. (Day 112 / the StageSoc reunion, in your post yesterday.)
    In the 1980s, an old lady who had known me for some years asked me whether I had memories of our town before the War. (It would be remarkable if I did, given that my parents didn’t meet until after the War.)

    1. Thank you! It is interesting to think about how our perspective on time changes. Jessica’s struggle to grasp that time before she was born does reflect my feelings when chatting to someone who was born the year I started university. It doesn’t feel possible that enough time has passed for that to be the case, but it has!

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