Me and Mine – October 2016

Family moments have been few and far between this month as hubby has been working away from home for most of it.  There has been the odd day here and there when he is home but otherwise it’s just been me and the girls.

Hubby, me, Jessica and Sophie at church for Jessica's enrolment into Girls' Brigade - Me and Mine: October 2016

It’s hard when hubby is away.  The girls miss him and we have the odd tearful moment here and there when they just want Daddy home again and tell me to “magic him home.” Oh, if only it were that easy!  I miss having adult conversation in the evening and a second pair of hands to help with the children in the mornings (and occasionally bedtime although hubby is rarely home before the girls go to bed even when he isn’t away).  We adjust and we get used to it just being the three of us, but something always feels slightly out-of-kilter until hubby comes back home again.

Me, hubby, Jessica and Sophie with Sackboy at the PlayStation Kids and Parenting Showcase

Months like this mean that family moments are even more precious when we manage to get them.  We managed to get a morning together earlier this month at the PlayStation Kids and Parenting Showcase.  Hubby was also home for the weekend of Jessica’s enrolment at Girls’ Brigade so we managed to grab a family photo then as well!


October is also Sophie’s birthday month.  I still can’t quite believe that my baby girl is now three! Hubby was away in Paris in the run-up to her birthday but managed to make it home in the evening – just in time to sing Happy Birthday and have some birthday cake before it was time for the birthday girl to go to bed.  It was a bit of a mad dash for him to make it home in time but we were glad he did!

Hubby, me, Jessica and Sophie at church for Jessica's enrolment into Girls' Brigade

The end of the busy period is now coming into sight – hopefully November will be a quieter month and we will be able to enjoy a little more family time together!


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12 thoughts on “Me and Mine – October 2016

  1. It must be so weird when he has to be away so much, and of course you can manage when he’s not there but I understand when you say it’s just not the same. Glad to hear he was home in time for Sophie’s birthday, hope you get a but more family time in November xx

  2. Oh how lovely that your hubby managed to make it home from Paris in time to celebrate Sophie’s birthday. I hope November brings lots more family time for you.

    1. Thanks Nat – I was so pleased he managed to get home and the girls were thrilled to have daddy back again 🙂

    1. Thanks Laura – it is tough although I get used to it. Was so glad he got back to see the birthday girl though 🙂

  3. I feel your pain – my hubby works away quite often too and it is hard. I do find some things easier though – for some reason, my 5 year old doesn’t act up as much! I’m pleased he made it back in time for birthday cake on Sophie’s birthday though – Happy Birthday Sophie! xx

    1. I do remember that ad – and yes it was indeed one of those moments. Hoping that this month will be a quieter one! 🙂

  4. That’s lovely hubby got to make it home for Sophie’s birthday what a great celebration and lovely October family captures here hun. #meandmineproject

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