Me and Mine – May 2016

April was all about snatching family moments when we could and this was something that definitely continued into May with hubby having been working away on events throughout most of the month.  Whilst we are used to this being a normal part of our family life, we are always a little less settled when hubby is away.  The girls miss Daddy being around and are a little more clingy than usual – wanting extra cuddles (which is quite nice in a way) and there are the constant questions about “how many more sleeps until Daddy comes home?”

Making the most of family moments in May

They love going to the airport to meet Daddy when he has been away.  Hearing those squeals of delight when hubby appears and the pure happiness on his face as his two little girls rush over to give him the biggest cuddles never fails to make me feel warm and fuzzy inside.  Somehow all the stress and the challenges of the time without him melt away in the joy of feeling like we are complete again.

Our family totem pole photo from our day out at the Enchanted Museum event

This month has been an especially challenging one with hubby’s trip away coinciding with a very busy and stressful time for me with regards to work and my HR course.  I have lost patience more times than I would care to admit, and have had many, many moments of feeling frazzled and overwhelmed.  But thankfully, the happy moments have outnumbered the stressful ones and somehow everything has got done that needed to be done.


We made sure that we made the most of what little family time we were able to have this month – the highlight of which was a magical day out at Chiltern Open Air Museum for their Enchanted Museum event which was where this month’s photos were taken.

Sophie and Daddy pulling silly faces in this month's family photo

Next month will see a return to hospital for my big girl as we have a cardiac catheter procedure planned which will provide more information about her heart function and help the team plan when her next big heart operation is likely to be.  As the date for this draws closer, I find myself getting a little more anxious and these family moments become even more precious.   Thankfully next month is a much quieter one for hubby and we should hopefully be able to enjoy a little more family time as a result.


The Me and Mine Project

16 thoughts on “Me and Mine – May 2016

    1. Thank you Laura – it’s been good having hubby back. Hopefully all will go well with the hospital next week too x

  1. It’s so hard when you have to parent solo a lot, isn’t it? My husband travels a lot for work too, and while I do manage to keep everything ticking over quite nicely, we all miss him terribly and everything just doesn’t run quite so smoothly and happily as it does when we are all together. These photos are lovely though, so happy and fun. Good luck for the month ahead with the hospital trip, I hope it all goes well. x

    1. Thank you Lucy – it’s been good to have him back this week. As you say, while you can keep things ticking over nicely, it just doesn’t feel like things run so happily when they’re away x

  2. These pics are fun and life does sound busy. Its hard to deal with kids solo sometimes isn’t it?
    All the best with the hospital, I hope it goes smoothly and she gets good results x

  3. Aww I love your pyramid photos – they’re so much fun and the girls have the sweetest smiles! It is tough parenting on your own a lot so I’m glad June looks calmer for you 🙂

  4. I don’t know how I would cope if Mr F went away so often, I think you are fab so don’t beat yourself up for losing patience. These photos are so much fun – love the totem pole approach!! #MeandMineProject

    1. Thanks Katy – I love doing the totem pole photo although not sure how much longer we will be able to manage it with the girls getting so big now! 🙂

  5. I totally get where you are coming from – being on your own with the kids is tough that’s for sure! Sounds like a worrying time coming up with the operation but if it gives you new information that can only be good thing. Sending love xx

  6. I have to go away for work a couple of times a year and the hubster always says how hard it’s been and how much he’s missed having a partner in crime so I can only imagine how you must feel. I love the photo of you all in a line behind each other #meandmineproject

  7. I adore these photos of your lovely fanily Louise as they are so full of happiness! Im not surprised you sre feeling anxious about your gorgeous girl and am very glad to hear it is a quieter month for your hubby so you can support each other through it xxx

    1. Thank you Caroline – I’m glad it’s a quieter month too, have done hospital stays when hubby has to be away and it’s so much harder! x

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