Me and Mine – April 2016

Some months are all about snatching family moments where we can and April has been one of those months.  Hubby has been working long hours and has been away working on events (at the time of writing he’s spending the week in a castle in Rome which I’m rather envious of!) which means we’ve not managed to spend a lot of time together as a family.  As a result, this month’s photos are quick snaps taken in the back garden – a brief moment of family time together.

Me and Mine - a family photo project - our family in April

It’s during times like this that I’m thankful for technology.  I’m thankfully that I can chat to hubby on Skype and the girls get to see Daddy and talk to him (they were quite fascinated by the castle!)  Although I have to confess that it did feel like I’d drawn the short straw when trying to manage a somewhat challenging bedtime by myself.


I’ve got used to having to manage alone when hubby’s away – this is part of our normal family life.  It makes me appreciate it even more when he is at home.  And whilst there is a part of me that wishes for a more steady routine with hubby’s working hours, I know that he is doing a job that he loves and that being away makes him appreciate family time even more too.

The four of us together having a family moment in the garden for this month's Me and Mine project

With the first steps now being planned towards Jessica’s next operation, those family moments are feeling increasingly precious.  We have Jessica’s cardiac catheter procedure booked in on 7th June and the results from this are likely to give an indication of when Jessica’s next surgery may take place.  In the meantime, we’ll be making the most of the time we have together as a family and trying not to think too much about what potentially lies ahead.


The Me and Mine Project