Milk blisters

I added another new experience to my breastfeeding journey a couple of weeks ago when I developed a milk blister.   A milk blister occurs when a tiny amount of skin overgrows a milk duct opening causing milk to get blocked behind it and it is quite painful. A quick internet search brought up some information on Kellymom which advises a four step treatment for milk blisters:

  1. Apply moist heat before feeding, e.g. a hot wet compress
  2. Clear the skin from the milk duct, e.g. by scraping the edge of the blister with a clean fingernail
  3. Feed or express
  4. Apply treatment to aid healing

Unfortunately as we were doing a lot of travelling at the time, it wasn’t quite so easy to follow the four-step process. Applying moist heat was the most difficult step to do whilst travelling but scraping the blister, feeding and then applying Lansinoh seemed to work.  Feeding on the affected breast was uncomfortable for a few days but after a few days, the blister disappeared and feeding gradually started to get more comfortable again.

Thankfully, things have also settled down with the night feeds again at the moment so other than this little hiccup, our breastfeeding journey has been a little more smooth-sailing recently.


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  1. These are not fun. I got them quite a lot when I was breastfeeding, especially when the babies were new. Hope they heal up quickly for you xx

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